Non-Residue Custom Tamper Evident Options

Discover the endless possibilities of our highly customisable non residue security labels to meet your exact needs



Using a “Die Plate” enables us to accurately shape and cut our labels to your needs. This process for custom shapes or sizes comes at a one-off cost as a specialist die plate needs to be manufactured and then we are able to use that plate for as long as the die plates are within their lifespan.


Any Colour

Standard security colours of blue, red and white are process colours and these are excellent at revealing a strong VOID message. We can pantone match on request, ensuring corporate colours and branding are achieved. However we are printing onto film and using many processes to achieve the tamper evident solution needed and therefore the colours can sometimes vary and we need to take time to get the best colour match for you on special jobs.

Custom Security Label Surface Printing

Printing & Void Message

We can print anything from a barcode, QR code, sequential and static numbers, logo, words – in any language, even shapes and patterns if that is what you require. Standard Colours of surface printing are black or white.

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