Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I access my account if I am having trouble logging in?
We can send you a temporary password and you can change it after you log in.
    • How can I review and check on the status of an order?
You can call customer service at 01634 393570 or ask a Customer Service Representative on our chat function.
    • What do I do if I am a non-taxable entity?
Customer Service will need your tax exemption certificate.
    • Where can I buy tools to remove seals?
TydenBrooks sells a variety of tools for different seals. Customer Service will get you the right one.
    • Can I get my company name on my seals?
Yes, all of our seals can be customized.
    • Can I get pricing for custom marked products on line?
No, all pricing for custom is done by Sales or Customer Service to ensure all specifics are captured and discussed.
    • I am almost out of seals, can I get something fast?
Yes, we have an assortment of seals that are marked and ready to ship. Any product with the Web Stock icon is ready to ship in our site store.
    • Can I get a sample of a seal before I purchase them?
Absolutely! We want to make sure that you have the right seal for your application.
    • Can I get a copy of my invoice?
Yes. Please call 01634 393570 and select the Accounts Receivables option.
    • How many seals are in a carton?
Each product is different and all specs can be found on each of the product detail pages in our site store.
    • What is the minimum I need to order for custom seals?
Each product has different requirements. Your Customer Service and Sales staff will be able to help you.
    • What seals are high security?
Our website provides information on which products are high security. You can also filter by High Security Seals in our site store.
    • Can I get a Certificate of Conformance?
Yes. Please let Customer Service know of this requirement at time of order.

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