Tug Tight

Bill and coin theft in the vending industry can be a problem on purely mechanical machines without ‘smart’ interfaces to reconcile and match machines sales to collected revenue.  Unfortunately, smart interfaces cost money, usually sizeable upfront hardware and software investments, not to mention the installation and maintenance of either wireless or hardwired telecommunication connections. Handheld portable systems have their own problems, require training and equipment maintenance. Additionally, vending machines are often ‘skimmed’ by employees which can total to large sums of money with hundreds of vending machines.
What the vending machine industry needed to combat this problem are Adjustable Security Seals.

  • A single-use disposable serialized adjustable security seal applied to locked coin boxes and would require users to remove and reapply with their own traceable closure if they needed to enter the coinboxes. 
  • A security seal that is sufficiently expensive that the cost would be much lower than the theft.
  • An adjustable security seal that is easy to use, easy to train, easy to transport (ie. not in individual pieces) and could be removed in number sequence.

TydeBrooks SPG recommended the Tug Tight Adjustable Security Seal.

  • Offered in 7”, 9”, 11” & 15” lengths, the Tug Tight Adjustable Security Seal can fit a number of applications without additional training.
  • Available in 9 colors, the Tug Tight can be color-coded for internal color-identification purposes.
  • Made from polypropylene with roughly 50lbs break strength, this adjustable security seal is sufficiently strong to not accidentally break with rough handling but easy enough to be removed by hand.


  • Has a beaded locking tail, the seal cannot be over tightened as the design allows the seal to slightly release before locking at the next position.
  • Serial-numbered and produced in mats of 10, the Tug Tight Adjustable Security Seal can be easily transported & removed in sequence to number tracking. With a barcode option, it was positioned for future electronic tracing.
  • Employing a narrow tail, the Tug Tight can fit through even the smallest vending machine apertures of 3/16” width.

The End Result: 
The Tug Tight Adjustable Security Seal has been installed at large, theft-prone customer sites, which consist of over a hundred machines, costing $10 per day & saving our customer hundreds of dollars daily, a handsome 10:1 return on investment!
For more information regarding the Tug Tight Adjustable Security Seal and to view our complete Security Seal product line, visit our website at www.tydenbrooks.com or contact our Inside Sales Team at info@tydenbrooks.com, 1 888 221-1571.

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