Metal Security Seals

Metal Security Seals are used to mechanically secure a variety of applications. These types of seals are frequently referred to as “Barrier Seals” as they are designed to provide a “barrier” for entry. They provide both security features and the ability to display evidence of tampering. Typical applications include shipping containers, trucks, trailers, tankers, railcars, drums, valves and transporting valuable products. Metal Security Seals usually fall within the categories; cable seals, bolt seals and wire hasp seals. Cables Seals have variable length of the locking mechanism limited only by the cable length. Bolt seals are generally closed by hand (by pushing the seal body and head together) and opened with the use of bolt cutters. This gives a strong and secure seal for transportation, while remaining convenient for staff in ports and warehouses. Wire Hasp Seals are padlocks made from a combination of metal and plastic; these seals provide ideal tamper-evidence for smaller aperture applications like utility meters, drums, containers and airline carts.

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