1. TydenBrooks EMEA Still Open For Business in the UK

    75m Seals Produced in the UK During Lockdown

  2. New TydenBrooks FlySafe Security Bags Scheme

    TydenBrooks offers additional layer of Security with FlySafe

  3. Employee Spotlight: Karina Lopez, Supply Chain Manager

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with Supply Chain Manager, Karina Lopez. Karina just celebrated her seventh year with TydenBrooks in September of 2019.

  4. Combating Cargo Theft with High-Security Barrier and Technology Seals

    These types of security seals are the best solutions to prevent and combat cargo theft. Before we delve into specific strategies and solutions, let us take a look at recent trends and statistics in cargo theft.

  5. Employee Spotlight: Dave Hawking, Vice President of Distribution and Sales

    We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Vice President of Distribution and Sales, Dave Hawking. Dave has been with the company for an impressive 29 years.

  6. TydenBrooks Brings the Most to Their Distributors

    While about 30 percent of TydenBrooks' business is through distribution, and the other 70 percent is direct, they still put much effort into developing and maintaining relationships with distribution partners.

  7. TydenBrooks Solutions Secure Airline Supply Chains

    The airline industry is a billion-dollar industry with the 2019 outlook by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of $28 billion profit for the global air transport industry. The

  8. TydenBrooks Announces New High-Security Seal: The VuBolt

    The release of the VuBolt, their new ISO 17712: 2013 and C-TPAT compliant high-security bolt seal. This new high-strength, tamper-resistant steel bolt offers extreme durability in all conditions.

  9. TydenBrooks Protects Cash/Valuables-in-Transit (CVIT)

    Cash and valuables in transit companies play a vital role in the business world and the broader community by helping to keep the economy running.

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