Cargo theft is a billion-dollar problem each year in the U.S. alone. It is a problem that affects all industries that ship cargo from one location to another. TydenBrooks researches and innovates products and strategies to combat thievery tactics as they evolve from year to year. What follows are five major threats to your supply chain and how TydenBrooks can protect you from these threats and many more.


  1.       Straight Cargo Theft


Straight cargo theft is when a shipment is stolen while it is sitting, unaccompanied such as at a rest stop, parking lot, or storage facility. This is the most common type of cargo theft and can be pre-planned or crimes of opportunity. Over holiday weekends, when cargo is left unattended for days at a time, these crimes tend to increase. By the time it is known that the cargo is gone it has already been resold and tracking is near impossible. Less than 20% of stolen cargo is ever recovered.


The TydenBrooks Solution


Many TydenBrooks products can be used to help deter or prevent straight cargo theft when paired with your company’s security strategies. Our high security seals, also known as barrier seals, help prevent unwanted access to a shipment. These include our bolt and cable seals such as the Snap Tracker, Flex Bolt, Intermodal, Sealock SL, and EZ Loc Plus. These seals are C-TPAT and ISO 17712 compliant and are made of high-quality metals. High security seals usually require special tools to open and Sealock SL requires two cuts for removal. This can go a long way in deterring thieves who are trying to find a quick heist without being detected.


  1. .      Internal Pilfering


Much of the theft and shortage a business may experience comes from within the business itself. The thieves are people who are employed, or know someone who is, somewhere along the supply chain and take advantage of their knowledge of process and access to make off or tamper with product. Pilfering refers to theft in the cargo chain of custody that involves the stealing of a small part of the complete shipment, such as a few boxes taken from the full shipment. Sadly, this form of theft is quite common because it is a crime of opportunity, being seen by the thieves as easy with a low-risk, high-reward turnover.


The TydenBrooks Solution


Many of our products can help prevent, detect, and stop internal pilferage. Our wide variety of indicative seals such as our All Seal, Equilok, and Pull Tight can be used to seal cargo within a shipment to show proof of tampering or pilferage. These seals can be numbered and barcoded to track exact product in a shipment in case it is tampered with. Tamper evident tapes and labels can also be used to show tampering of boxes within a shipment as well. These measures can work to identify when and where pilferage is taking place, so it can be investigated and stopped.


  1. .      Strategic Cargo Theft


Strategic cargo theft is theft that uses deceptive means intended to trick shippers, carriers, and drivers into giving their cargo to thieves instead of the legitimate carrier. Identity theft, fictitious pick-ups, double-broker scams, and fraudulent carriers are all methods used to commit strategic cargo theft. With the advancement of technology and identity theft tactics, this form of theft is becoming more common and more advanced. Usually by the time a heist such as this is noticed and reported, the stolen property has already been resold and the suspects are long gone.


The TydenBrooks Solution


Our seal barcode and number tracking add another layer of security in which cargo can be identified and protected from unauthorized drop off and pick up. These tracking options are unique to your shipment. In addition to our many security seal solutions we also have non-seal security solutions that can help verify identity. Our magnetic strip badges by Stoffel add a layer of security to traditional name badges and can be used for identity confirmation between drivers and carriers. These badges can also be equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) that can be read by a reader to assure authenticity.


  1.       Contamination  


Food and beverages are the number one market affected by theft and tampering, and suppliers in this market must also be aware of threats to public safety by contamination. This market includes agriculture who must protect consumers while safeguarding their crops, businesses, brands and reputations. Food and beverages are a major target due to the fact they do not have traceability like electronics and other products do and so can be resold easily. These industries must also be cautious of dangerous groups trying to contaminate their products such as terrorists. Harmful actions like this could affect millions of people. Other industries that must keep threats of contamination and the public safety in mind in the transportation of their products are chemical and pharmaceutical.


The TydenBrooks Solution


TydenBrooks has a long history of helping secure and protect the chain of custody of food and beverages including agriculture, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Our unbeatable catalog of bolt and cable seals as well as our plastic security seals are used in layered security strategies that help protect these supply chains from tampering, contamination  and theft. Barrier seals keep thieves out and tamper evident seals provide visual evidence that shows any sort of tampering. Clients in these markets trust our products to protect them and the public from bad actors.



  1.       Evolution of Theft Technology


Every year thieves and other bad actors evolve their tactics for stealing and disrupting supply chains. With new advancements in technology come new advancements in crime strategies. These changes can spell disaster for businesses that are not keeping their security strategies up to date. Criminals are using new tech and tools to pull off theft on a major scale and with each passing year comes new challenges to be met by businesses.


The TydenBrooks Solution


TydenBrooks prides itself on its innovation. For 145 years we have kept up with new trends in theft and tampering so that our products can meet these challenges year after year. From new products to new tracking technologies and advanced layered security strategies, TydenBrooks can work with your company to secure your supply chain for the coming year. We are constantly researching new products to combat theft and tampering such as our tamper evident security bags and our 2D barcoding system to name a few.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.