With 145 years of experience, TydenBrooks proudly leads the market in security seals. Many companies, including the world’s leading brands, put their trust in our high-quality security seals to protect their shipments and other investments. What may not be widely known is that TydenBrooks’ security protection does not end with security seals. We also offer a variety of additional security and adjacent products making us a one-stop-shop for all your security needs. These are the top 5 additional security products offered by TydenBrooks that you may not know about.



1.      Tamper Evident Bags

TydenBrooks’ newest addition to our already impressive catalog of security products are state-of-the-art tamper evident bags. These bags are durable and reusable offering an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic disposable security bags. The bags can be secured over and over again using the disposable high-quality sequentially numbered Tydenclip security seal (included with the bags when ordered as a bundle pack.) Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations these tamper evident bags can meet a diverse range of company needs such as sending documents, assets, and even cash. TydenBrooks also offers a line of insulated and thermal bags that add temperature control that is ideal for medical, airline catering, and pharmaceutical transport. This product can be barcode to further enhance security.

 2.      Tapes and Labels


TydenBrooks also offers an extensive selection of security tapes and labels with high bond strength that give visual proof of tampering. These tapes and labels have many typical applications such as exit doors, equipment containers, files, doors, boxes, scales, gas pumps, credit card machines, ATM’s and more. With different designs and options available these products have various security features such as VOID messaging in which a residue is left on the surface when peeled to show when tampering has occurred. Other options include frangible security labels that when removed, destructs into pieces from the built in security perforations. You can customize these tapes and labels to feature company logos, custom text, numbering, barcodes, holograms, or customized VOID messages. These products are very beneficial for any company that needs to be aware of any unwanted or criminal tampering on any level.


 3.    Name Badges


When it comes to developing your company’s brand and customer relationships, names are very important. Our variety of name badge products enable companies to order creative, eye-catching and unique badge styles that clearly display a company and employee name and support your brand.  Customers notice when a company has a human element that makes them feel appreciated and understood, especially when it comes to sales and interactions. Allowing this bit of personal connection goes a long way in creating memorable and effective customer service experiences. Whether retail, restaurants, or other service areas name badges are a must. 

4.      Access Cards


Employee and Company badges don’t have to be just for branding, they can also add a reliable level of security to a business and workplace. Access cards allow control over who enters a building, parking garage, or other secure access areas and can even allow for tracking and time keeping for employees. Keeping your business and employees safe is worth the investment in these specialized access cards. Access cards can either be barcode, magnetic strip, or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which allows for multiple ways to provide reliable security. Not only can these cards be tailored for security, they can also be used for reward programs or credit cards so there are many different applications depending on what your company needs.


5.      Packaging Enhancements


One of the most important aspects of any company is branding. Being unique and standing out makes all the difference in rising above your competitors. TydenBrooks offers creative, distinguishing, and unique branding opportunities with Stoffel packing enhancements. These enhancements use processes such as metal casting, aluminum stamping, and plastic injection molding to create seals and medallions that really make products stand out and give them a one-of-a-kind look that customers will remember and trust. These packaging enhancements have been used in different markets such as wine and spirits, fine jewelry, luxury clothing, fragrance and candles, and a variety of bath and body products. Take your brand to the next level and give your products the status they deserve.



TydenBrooks has proven itself to be the best in security over the last century and a half. With an unbeatable catalog of high-quality security seals in addition to these non-seal products, TydenBrooks is truly your one stop shop for all your security and branding needs. You can shop with confidence knowing TydenBrooks holds the highest standards of quality and customer service.


For more information or to discuss your unique security requirements, contact TydenBrooks, the global leader in security seals, tamper-evident bags, and additional products at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent tampering and secure the safe movement of your sensitive documents and materials.