TydenBrooks takes great pride in working with customers to form multilayered security strategies using our best in class indicative and barrier security seals. There are multiple places within a company’s' supply chain where security strategies are crucial. The following takes you through a typical supply chain from point A to B as your goods move from manufacturing to shipment to final destination. We will look at five key areas along the supply chain where a high attention to security strategy is critical to protect your goods in transit.




Finished goods and products need to be stored while awaiting pick up for transport to the final destination. Storage is typically in a customer’s warehouse or with a 3PL warehousing partner who both use physical security by deploying cameras and alarm systems, but by also implementing our security seals they construct the final piece of a multilayered security strategy. Internally our security seals such as our selection of padlocks and plastic seals can provide tamper evidence to help identify if unlawful tampering has occurred. Plastic adjustable seals such as our Tug Tight, All Seal, Equilok, and Pull Tight along with our tamper evident tapes and labels can be used on totes, containers, drums, sacks, and fiber cartons within the storage facility to dissuade and detect theft, pilferage, and tampering.


Cargo Pick-Up


When cargo is picked up or loaded from a location, it is essential to check that all barrier and/or plastic seals including the tamper evident tapes and labels are secure and show no visual tamper evidence before loading. When the truck, container or railcar has been loaded and is ready to be shipped our high-security seals with identifying laser markings such as 1D, 2D, QR Bar Codes, should be applied to secure the shipment, then documented on the BOL or scanned into the customers system before departing.


This way, data from the security seal is recorded to make sure the original seals are attached when the shipment leaves and when it arrives at the final destination. These unique markings make counterfeit seals near impossible to be inserted into your supply chain security program. To further secure your goods, security labels can be applied by sealing the corners of the truck door hinges to ensure the shipment has not been disturbed along its route or while stopped. Now that everything has been loaded, properly secured, and documented with the additional layer of our high-security seals and labels, our shipment is ready to hit the road.




On the open road, all of the security measures we have put in place form a robust multi-layered security strategy. The cargo itself is secured using TydenBrooks plastic seals as well as tamper evident tapes and labels to provide immediate visual evidence of unwanted access and potential pilferage if disturbed along the route. The high-security bolt (Snaptracker, Flex Bolt,



Rod Lok II, Intermodal II) and cable seals (FlexSecure FS50, EZ Loc) used on the container and truck doors will deter unwanted intrusion especially when the truck or train stops; which is proven to be when cargo is most vulnerable.  These measures along with the driver's awareness and attention to their surroundings will help protect the shipment during transport.


Drop Off/Storage


With your shipment now pulling up to its drop-off point and preparing to be unloaded, the first step is for the driver and receiver to check all documentation and the physical integrity of the barrier and plastic seals. Security seals with laser markings such as 1D, 2D, QR bar codes are scanned into a database to keep track of inventory but also to ensure all security seal markings and serial numbers match the ones applied at the loading site.


This data recording and tracking process is now being made easier by utilizing our electronic seals with RFID technology. Those on the receiving end will have the appropriate removal tools for the cable and bolt seals after this process is completed. Upon removal of the high-security barrier seals, the receiver should check the rest of the cargo for signs of tampering. Now the same facility and warehouse security measures we discussed in the manufacturing and warehouse section should be used to keep goods secure until they sell or take another trip to a vendor, store, etc.


End of the Road

From start to finish the process of securing your supply chain with multi-layered security strategies is a crucial one. Without these measures in place, a supply chain is at risk, and a company could lose substantial amounts of revenue and potential customers. By having a strong and effective security strategy as well as attention to details, your supply chain will be safe and secure allowing you to rest easy.


TydenBrooks has spent 146 years developing security solutions and innovating and evolving our catalog to meet the needs of customers. We strive to protect you and your supply chain whether it goes locally, cross-country, cross-border, or overseas. We are the global leaders of security seals and solutions and continue to lead the way, securing the world. 


Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or info@tydenbrooks.com to discuss how we can help protect your supply chain in 2019 with the right layered security strategy. Since 1873, we have been creating customized solutions, for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs.