The food and beverage industry has an important place in all of our lives. We buy, store, and consume food and beverage products every day. The agriculture and ingredient sector is a significant aspect of this industry. These areas include cultivated plant and animal products that result in processed and natural ingredients used to make finished food and beverage products.

There are many security challenges faced by the agriculture and ingredient sector for the food and beverage industry, which must be met to ensure the safety of the public, to protect producers, distributors, and food and beverage companies. There are also many laws and regulations that must be followed when it comes to all food and beverage products. With 146 years of experience, TydenBrooks has a long history of helping secure and protect food and beverage and more specifically, agriculture and ingredient supply chains.


Compliance with Regulations


One of the most significant challenges faced by agriculture and ingredient supply chains is avoiding contamination. Compliance with federal safety regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is of the utmost importance when it comes to the producing, handling, and distribution of agriculture and ingredients. These include the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Uniform Food Safety Transportation Protocol (UFSTP). FSMA was signed into law in 2011, and most recently updated in 2018. FSMA puts rules and regulations in place to prevent contamination along supply chains to ultimately protect the public from foodborne illnesses. The UFSTP is a uniform standard adopted by the FDA to ensure the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods.


To help companies comply with these laws and regulations and prevent contamination, TydenBrooks has state-of-the-art track and trace capabilities with our new GeoBolt™ which can give 24/7 updates regarding a shipment's location and send other alerts such as door openings and apply geofencing protocols. Additionally, the GeoBolt™, when used in conjunction with our tamper-evident plastic seals will provide a robust layered security solution that offers maximum protection of shipments from tampering and contamination. In the occurrence that a load needs to be recalled or stopped, the GeoBolt™ GPS technology can pinpoint where it is so it can be halted and re-routed. Our RFID cable, bolt, and plastic security seals, when used on totes, drums or containers, can also store important information about a shipment due to our high security marking capabilities and allow for a specific product to be located quickly.



Theft and Pilferage


Another serious challenge faced by the agriculture and ingredient sector, and ultimately the food and beverage industry overall, is theft and pilferage. This is because of the high-value and easy turn-around time on food and beverage products in the unground or shadow market. Securing these supply chains is made more difficult by the complexity of the supply chains themselves with multiple end users and leveraged modes of transport.


The various modes of transport such as rail and truck bulk/liquid shipments, over-the-road reefer and dry van trucking, along with rail (piggyback); creates multiple vulnerability points for suppliers and shippers alike. In addition to these frequent modes of transport, there is also overseas and cross-border shipping that must be secured and follows strict guidelines such as C-TPAT. No one single type of mode is less vulnerable than the other as both full truckloads (FTL) and less-than-truck load (LTL) are at risk of theft and pilferage. This known threat can accrue high losses for companies and severely hurt bottom lines. Even if a shipment is only pilfered, meaning a few items are taken, often this can lead to an entire shipment being rejected due to the risk of contamination or must be sold at a substantial reduction.  


TydenBrooks Solution


When used together TydenBrooks products and solutions will form a strong, multilayered security strategy that will mitigate and help prevent theft, pilferage, tampering, and damage. We cover all vulnerability points of your supply chain including all modes of transport. Our high-security technology solutions, such as our GeoBolt™ provide the maximum protection and visibility while your assets are in transit, ensuring the products arrive intact and are ready for sale. The next level of high security products begins with our SnapTracker, EZ Loc, Flexsecure, which are all ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant, making them ideal for high-security/high risk food and beverage loads including cross-border shipping.


Pairing our high security products with our tamper-evident plastic seals such as our Secure-Grip 11" and 15" and Tug Tight 15" and 18" as well as our tamper evident tapes and labels will complete your multilayered strategy providing security at every point of the supply chain. 1D, 2D, and QR Code marking on many of our seals also allows for accurate inventory and our GPS and GMS technology with our new GeoBolt™ offers a real-time track and trace solution.


Employing a proper supply chain strategy is vital when shipping any goods, but in particular with food and beverage which are high risk and therefore must be thoroughly scrutinized or risk potential liabilities. By executing these strategies, you significantly lessen the risk of theft, pilferage, and tampering, and thus prevent damage and contamination, protecting your company's bottom line and reducing insurance claims and losses.



Temperature Control and Shippers’ Responsibility


A lot of the responsibility for sanitary and proper transport of food products is put on the shippers themselves. A big part of this aspect is refrigeration, as many products are required to be kept at a specific temperature at all times.  A shippers’ failure to do this can quickly result in mounting losses. This also puts responsibility on shippers to completely clean vehicles and properly protect the food and beverage products from contamination.


Failure to carry out these responsibilities can be detrimental to a shipping company financially and negatively affect their brand loyalty and reputation. The International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA) identifies shippers “as the primary responsible holder when it comes to determining appropriate standards for sanitary and safe transportation of food products" in their best practices guide.  


TydenBrooks Protects Everyone


TydenBrooks security products and solutions go above and beyond to protect shipments from these harmful weak points that in turn, protect everyone involved along the supply chain including the shipper, receiver, distributor, and consumer. Our new track-and-trace GeoBolt and RFID seals greatly increase the visibility of a shipment along the entire supply chain and allow for alerts if anything goes wrong. They also allow for quick detection and reporting if anything did happen that required immediate attention or correction. For example, if a refrigerated truck door were opened which would raise the temperature of a shipment, the GeoBolt™ would immediately send an alert to the company so they can address the issue before a shipment is lost. Our RFID seals allow for information storage, including important details about handling and other critical data necessary for the  safe transport of these goods. All of our security solutions ultimately work together to provide a multilayered security strategy that protects the bottom line, reputation, and safety of everyone involved.


TydenBrooks is the leading manufacturer of premium and C-TPAT compliant high-security barrier, plastic, and metal indicative security seals for use on rail cars, auto vaults, container doors, truck doors, tote boxes, and cash bags during logistic activities. With a full line of loss prevention security seals, self-voiding labels, tamper-evident tape and locking devices, including real-time electronic tracking seals, it's simple to select, order, and supply the right solution, whether shipping coast-to-coast or internationally @

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Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and has been with the company for 18 years. He has received many honors and awards for sales team excellence and performance including 5-time President’s Club Honors for Sales Excellence.