For many decades, TydenBrooks has greatly helped cross-border transporters securely move their various products and goods throughout North America. One of our biggest segments that faces a number of security challenges during cross-border transport is the automotive industry. Our automotive partners must take aggressive steps to secure the flow of their vehicles across the border from Mexico and Canada into the United States. With numerous bad actors looking to exploit any supply chain vulnerabilities, it's critical a robust layered supply chain security program is instituted to eliminate breaches.


Many of the bad actors have unlimited funds and a multitude of resources at their disposal to get their contraband across the border. One of these tactics is to smuggle contraband in rail tri-car shipments of new automobiles into the United States, sometimes even inside of the automobiles themselves. To deter and mitigate this security breach, TydenBrooks teams up with its “Big 3” automotive partners and the AAR (American Railroad Association) to create, implement, and execute multi-layered security strategies that will prevent these bad actors from succeeding.


Within the process of transporting the new automobiles, there are vulnerability points where a train slows down and may even stop along the route. These vulnerabilities provide an ideal opportunity for bad actors to gain access to these shipments. Without a proper security program or conversely with a poorly constructed security program the risk significantly increases putting your cargo and company’s reputation at risk. With these vulnerabilities identified, the next step is to build your multi-layered security program starting with our TydenBrooks high-security barrier seals.


Designed to create a deterrent and access barrier from unwanted entry as well as to provide maximum tamper evidence, our ISO 17712 hardened bolts (Fortified Bolt, Super Bolt, and Global Auto Lok) are the first step to achieving a thorough layered security program for automotive cross-border shipments. In many instances our ISO 17712 high security cable seals such as our Flexsecure FS50 are also deployed, both these types of high security barrier seals require either a custom TydenBrooks removal or cutting tool. These tools are held only by the authorized receiver of the shipments at the end of the closed-loop system.


To further layer your security program, a best practice is to add tamper evident security labels such as our LSA Seal, which provides immediate visual tamper evidence at the door hinges and from the top of the door openings where they meet and close. By securing all vulnerable access points on the rail tri-car you eliminate the opportunity of contraband entering your shipments as visual tampering will be evident. These multi-layered security strategies also prevent shipments of new vehicles from being vandalized by the theft and pilferage of parts. Scrappers will attempt to get into these supply chains and remove valuable equipment from these brand-new vehicles that they can turn around and sell for profit.


For over-the-road truck shipments of automotive parts a best practice is to employ the same program as the rail tri-cars by applying ISO 17712 high security barrier seals such as our (SnapTracker, Flex Bolt, Flexsecure FS50, Flexsecure FS35) but to also add a supplementary layer of security with our tamper evident plastic seals such as the (Tug Tight, X-Strap, Equilok, All Seal) to secure totes. For cartons, the best layered security solution is to utilize our tamper evident security tapes such as our (KTXT, KT+) which will reduce your risk of pilferage and provide immediate visual tamper evidence during cross-border transit.


Due to these increased threats during cross-border shipments, the automotive industry also leverages our marking technology which works to prevent counterfeit security seals from entering their supply chain security program. By applying 2D, QR Code, and now our RFID technology seals, it is more effective and easier than ever before to detect tampering during transit, these technological innovations also drive operational efficiencies and improve the tracking of inventory.


By taking the proper steps to deploy a custom multi-layered security program TydenBrooks and its automotive partners prevent contraband from being unlawfully planted in their supply chains, but also in turn we protect the public. TydenBrooks is dedicated in making a difference to protect not only our customers supply chains, but businesses, families, and individuals. By decreasing the number of illegal goods and substances coming into our country, we know our hard work and persistence is making the world a safer place for everyone


Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or to discuss how we can help protect your supply chain in 2019 with the right layered security strategy. Since 1873, we have been creating customized solutions, for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs.