Chemical Case Study: Fertilizer Industry 

Problem:  A leading fertilizer producer was experiencing corrosion of the standard cable seal they were using to transport ammonium nitrate* due to the caustic nature of this chemical. 
Solution: TydenBrooks worked with the fertilizer producer to develop a stainless-steel cable (vs traditional galvanized steel cable) that was more resilient to corrosion.  The new Stainless Steel Flexsecure more than doubled the useful life of the seals, saving the fertilizer producer time and money while significantly reducing risk.

Many chemical producers use our EZ Loc Plus or Flexsecure cable seals as part of their transportation or storage procedures.

Top 3 Chemical Security Questions to ask yourself:

1. Are there any industry guidelines I need to follow when securing or transporting the chemicals I produce?
2. What materials do the chemicals I am securing react with?
3. What improvements (time, savings, reduced risk) can I realize by re-evaluating at "how I secure my products"?

Let's explore these questions with you and find some solutions.

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*Chemical Fact: did you know ammonium nitrate was the cause of one of the largest industrial disasters in US history?