With over 146 years of experience, TydenBrooks takes great pride in working with our customers to form multi-layered security strategies using our top of the line ISO barrier and technology security seals. Each industry, whether they operate regionally, nationally or globally; has specific needs and vulnerabilities when it comes to protecting their supply chains. For our customers who require high levels of physical barrier security to protect their shipments from tampering, theft, and contamination; there are distinct ISO 17712 high-security barrier and technology security seals.  These types of security seals are the best solutions to prevent and combat cargo theft. Before we delve into specific strategies and solutions, let us take a look at recent trends and statistics in cargo theft. 


Trends and Statistics in Cargo Theft 


Recent reports from professional source SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center show in the first quarter of 2019, cargo thefts in the United States increased 25% with the average loss of each theft rising 1% to $116,717. One significant case was that of a cosmetic company who lost more than $1 million to a single cargo theft incident.  


These reports also show that cargo thieves are shifting their efforts from full truckload targets to less secure categories of cargo, such as less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. Mixed retail loads, which offer opportunities for quicker fencing of stolen product, have also shown an increase in targeting by bad actors. Driving these changes in tactics is the fact that many smaller thefts often go unreported to police or insurance companies, and those that are reported rarely result in returned assets. This has made mixed-retail loads or less than truckloads the number one targeted cargo type at 17%, followed closely by electronics at just above 15%. Home and garden supplies and food and beverage products tie at third at just below 15% of all cargo thefts. 


Less-than-truckload thefts that are reported have seen a 107 percent increase since 2013. Quite often, LTL shipments are less guarded, and may implement fewer security measures. These drivers also often tend to make multiple stops along the route, thus increasing vulnerability. LTL has shifted from an outlier target to a more reliable way for organized cargo thieves to reduce their risk while still profiting. 





Types and Locations of Cargo Theft


According to the British Standards Institution (BSI) and TT Club transport and logistics insurance, two types of cargo theft are the most noted in North America. In the United States and Canada, thefts of unattended cargo trucks are more prominent and are often a more reserved type of theft; taking place in non-secure locations such as truck stops and parking lots. In Mexico and Central America, more aggressive and violent hijacking type thefts tend to take place. These can involve weapons being used to force drivers off of the road; as well as drivers being taken hostage to delay police response. 


Cargo theft not only affects a company’s bottom line; but also affects the consumers who purchase these items. For these reasons, high-security barrier solutions are a critical element of any effective multi-layered security strategy. The following are the best ISO 17712 high-security barrier and technology seal solutions to combat cargo theft in all modes of transport. 


TydenBrooks High-Security Barrier Solutions


Operationally, the vast majority of companies utilize truck and rail to transfer their products across the country as well as cross-border into Mexico and Canada. Internationally, containers are utilized to transport goods. Each mode of transport requires a unique multi-layered security strategy; and in some cases, these strategies must meet government standards or company customs programs. 


By requiring tamper-evident security measures at every vulnerable point of your supply chain; you immediately mitigate your risk and deter attacks protecting your valuable assets. This is best achieved by deploying our wide selection of barrier and technology seal solutions to create a true layered security program.


TydenBrooks ISO 17712 certified high-security seals and solutions are predominately used for securing door hasps, keeper bars, tanker railcar lids, drums, and totes. There should be high-security barrier seals at every part of your supply chain, and this is where our wide selection of security seals come into play. 


For high-risk, high-value cross border rail shipments, the vast majority of companies utilize our hardened ISO bolts (Fortified Bolt, Super BoltGlobal Auto-Loc). For cross border rail or truck container shipments, your best solutions are to use our Sealock SL-C and Sealock SL to add an extra layer of barrier security as the steel J-Bar provides maximum protection against opportunistic smash-and-grab break-ins.


For national over-the-road truck and rail transport companies, we employ a combination of our standard ISO bolt seals; such as our new VU Bolt, which was specially designed to counter 3D printing; or our proven (SnapTrackerRod Lok IIFlex Bolt). In conjunction with our ISO bolt seals, many companies choose our ISO 17712 high-security cable seals such as our new Dual Flex; which was designed to prevent ratcheting and shimming. Our full line of ISO high-security cable seals (Flexsecure FS35Flexsecure FS50Ez Loc) are all ISO 17712:2013 compliant, and provide a solution for all applications.


All of our ISO high-security seals require cutting tools and specialized removals tools for removal. All of the TydenBrooks barrier seals are high-security laser marked with name/logo, 1D, 2D, QR barcodes; and come standard with serialized numbering to facilitate the track and trace of your cargo from point A to B.



New Technology Track and Trace Barrier Solutions


For those companies ready to take the next step with enhanced visibility to make more informative supply chain security decisions; we offer our reliable and cost-effective technology ISO barrier seal, the GeoBolt™. The GeoBolt™ is a ground-breaking new technology product that provides the user(s) with a proven track and trace technology that monitors location 24/7 and offers real-time alerts to cargo owners, if and when tampering occurs. The GeoBolt™ is used in a wide variety of applications including truck, container, and rail cargo transport security door hasps, providing maximum security and control to the user. You can learn of the many innovative features of the GeoBolt™ here. 


All supply chains require a high level of barrier security to combat cargo theft. With the ever-evolving tactics of “bad actors”; a complete evaluation should be considered quarterly. This evaluation ensures the proper high-security measures are in place.


TydenBrooks Protects Everyone


TydenBrooks security products and solutions go above and

beyond to protect shipments from these harmful weak points that, in turn, safeguard everyone involved along the supply chain including the shipper,

receiver, distributor, and consumer. Our new track-and-trace GeoBolt™ and RFID seals significantly increase the visibility of a shipment

along the entire supply chain and allow for alerts if anything goes wrong. They

also allow for quick detection and reporting if anything did happen that

required immediate attention or correction. Our RFID seals allow for information storage, including

important details about handling and other critical data necessary for the safe

transport of these goods. All of our security solutions ultimately work together to provide a multi-layered security strategy that protects the bottom line, reputation, and safety of everyone involved.


TydenBrooks is the leading manufacturer of premium and

C-TPAT compliant high-security barrier, plastic, and indicative metal security

seals for use on rail cars, auto vaults, container doors, truck doors, tote

boxes and cash bags during logistic activities. With a full line of loss

prevention security seals, self-voiding labels, tamper-evident tape and locking

devices, including real-time electronic tracking seals, it’s simple to select,

order, and supply the right solution, whether shipping coast-to-coast or

internationally @ www.tydenbrooks.com.

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Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American

Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and has been with the company

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