For 145 years, TydenBrooks has led the market as the chosen supplier of high-quality security seals, but our reputation goes beyond the products we provide. TydenBrooks’ customer base consists of highly valued customers who put their trust in us to deliver unbeatable customer service. We take this challenge very seriously and try our best to go above and beyond, as our customer stories reveal. We excel in quality, problem solving, innovation and overall customer satisfaction as we keep their supply chains safe. What follows are just a few examples of our countless customer stories that paint a picture of our dedication.


Quality of Products:

TydenBrooks’ extensive product catalog is unmatched by any other in terms of variety and quality. This has been proven time and time again as our products have beaten other manufacturers in the tamper evident security seal industry in strength, effectiveness, and usability. Our clients continually write praise for our bolt seals and how they greatly outperform our competitors. A major railroad put our bolt seals through rigorous testing and found that our product outperformed our competitor by a substantial amount. What was also really important for this client was making the in-field use ideal for the application which we were able to deliver. We are proud of our level of product quality and it shows through the appreciation of our customers, who rely on our quality every day to protect their supply chains. In our annual customer survey, product quality consistently leads among the reasons why customers buy TydenBrooks products.




TydenBrooks’ dedication to our customers doesn’t end when our products are shipped. We are known for working to improve security processes for the companies that use our products, making them more effective and efficient. Specifically, we have made new seals and customized them to fit customers’ specific needs, time and time again. For example, when a customer that performs much of their day to day operations wearing heavy work gloves was having trouble using our seals, we came up with a new seal solution to make it easier for them to close the seals while wearing their gloves. On another occasion, we created a stainless steel cable seal to resist corrosion and a non-ferrous cable seal to use with combustible chemicals, both based on customer specific needs. And in yet another example, we used new advanced 2D barcoding to cut security costs while improving the security systems of our customer. Our innovation is something our customers appreciate, and we continue to deliver.


Customer Service:


When our customers run into problems, we go out of our way to make sure they are taken care of. For example, recently, one of our customers thought they had put in a large order for FlexSecure FS15 laser barcode cable seal when in fact they had not. When they discovered this, they panicked, because this would cause them to have to shut down their manufacturing plant if they did not receive the seals. Our customer service team worked with our operations team and the factory that the seals were being produced at and were able to get the customer their order with time to spare, preventing a disaster. The customer was very appreciative of our quick response to their dilemma. As there are countless additional customer service stories like this, it’s not surprising our customer service survey scores reflect the satisfaction our customers have with us and our ability to take care of them through thick and thin.


The Numbers:


The TydenBrooks annual customer satisfaction survey is in the field right now and we are very happy to say it continues to show that our customers trust in and are loyal to us and our products, many of those surveyed being customers for years upon years. Our products are proven to be higher quality than that of our competitors and again this is shown in the numbers, with over 90% of our customers being very satisfied. Across the board, with on-time delivery, lead time, packaging, labeling, customization and product quality, TydenBrooks is rated above average by our customers, demonstrating that TydenBrooks “leads the way and secures the world”.


Join our growing list of very satisfied customers that we have built over the last 145 years and let us help secure your supply chain and offer you peace of mind. We look forward to serving you as a faithful customer and protecting your supply chains from tampering and theft while securing the safe transport and delivery of your products.


For more information or to discuss what we can do for you and your business, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at