We in the marketing department had the pleasure of speaking with General Sales Manager of TydenBrooks Latin America, Aaron Flores. Flores recently celebrated his two-year anniversary with the company. TydenBrooks’ Latin America division is headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico and serves all of Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Talking to Aaron, he shared with us what goes into making TydenBrooks a true global leader, the similarities and differences between the Latin American and U.S. divisions, and how his team works together to achieve corporate goals. He also gave us a little insight into his personal life as well as some advice to anyone coming to join the TydenBrooks Latin America team.



Flores’ Story


Before his General Sales Manager position at TydenBrooks, Flores worked in the transportation field, selling tank trailers that carry crude oil and gasoline. He immediately took an interest in TydenBrooks and the security seal industry having worked in a related industry for so many years. Flores applied, interviewed, and was chosen to lead the team at the TydenBrooks Latin America headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico.


“In 2017, the exportation market from Mexico alone was $22 billion. Every exportation needs security seals, so as our CEO once told me, we are only scratching the surface. This means there is a lot of opportunity for growth in the Latin America market.” With numerous countries in the Latin America market, there are many security challenges in which TydenBrooks can offer solutions, and this makes the market a prime opportunity zone. Like with any market, there are competitors in Latin America, but they cannot live up to TydenBrooks’ history, experience, and knowledge. “We have a great infrastructure with TydenBrooks, so we really have an opportunity to grow,” Flores said.


On the Job


Flores’ job at TydenBrooks Latin America requires him to wear many hats. Working with distributors in countries big and small, Flores oversees these accounts and maintains relationships with these distributors.  In addition to this, he prides himself on being able to “see the big picture.” Flores understands the importance of bringing the team together to have it be a fully functional working system. He works to keep a well-motivated sales team, makes sure the customer service representatives form and build strong relationships with customers, and oversees the exporting and shipping. “I don’t think I would enjoy a job where everything is laid out, and you do the same thing every day,” Flores said. “At TydenBrooks, I get to work on different projects and use my creativity and problem-solving skills to contribute to the company.”



Teamwork Locally and Globally


One of Flores’s most significant accomplishments is bringing his team together and organizing processes. In 2018, the Mexican Market for TydenBrooks experienced significant growth that is expected to continue into 2019. To help with this, Flores works on creating new procedures to further develop best practices for his team to keep growth going. “We look forward to growing our market by leaps and bounds each year and strengthening our team while doing so,” Flores said. “We should always be looking to increase productivity, quality, competitiveness, and brand awareness.” With such a big market, over 20 countries in Latin America, there are plenty of opportunities to grow as the market changes and evolves. “I am so lucky to have a strong team to back me up,” Flores said. “I can rely on them to make good decisions and keep things moving forward.”


Not only does Flores work with his team at TydenBrooks Latin America, but also works alongside his global partners in the U.S. and Europe. With these global teams, open communication is just as important as they all depend on each other to provide quality service for customers around the world. “It is essential to keep open communications with the factory planners, the shipping departments, the finance departs, the product manager, and marketing team to ensure we are providing the best service,” Flores said. “It is also good to have other experienced and knowledgeable people to reach out to and discuss new opportunities and ideas.” It is this strong communication and comradery that makes TydenBrooks the true global leaders in the security seals industry.


Looking to the Future


The future is bright for TydenBrooks Latin America, and Flores looks forward to growth and opportunity. He and his team look forward to working together to increase all aspects of the Latin America division. For newcomers to the TydenBrooks Latin America team, Flores suggests they have a willingness to learn and share their knowledge as well as being able to give and take constructive feedback. Problem-solving, open-mindedness, and creativity are significant aspects of working for the team that Flores looks for. 


Flores has two big hopes for the future of TydenBrooks Latin America, one of which will be a consequence of the other. “We need to make sure every division, employee, strategy, and action is oriented to be a contribution to the objective of the company and the vision of where we are going,” Flores said. “As a consequence of that, which is my hope number two, is that we will increase productivity, quality, competitiveness, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.”



Life Outside TydenBrooks


Outside his job as General Sales Manager at TydenBrooks, Flores is a husband and father to a baby daughter, of whom he loves spending time with. “Playing with my daughter lets me be a kid again, and I really enjoy bonding with her,” Flores said. He also has many hobbies, including cooking, gardening, farming, and reading about marketing and sales. He also enjoys Muay-Thai which is a style of martial arts, camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors with his family. All around, Flores is a very hard working, dedicated, integral member of the TydenBrooks team as well as friendly and a pleasure to speak with. TydenBrooks Latin America is in good hands with Aaron Flores.


To contact the Latin America Team directly or for a security question in Latin America, please contact +52 1 (81) 8215 0800 or via email at ventas@tydenbrooks.com. For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges contact TydenBrooks USA at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage, and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.


Tricia Arton is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tyden Group which includes TydenBrooks Security Products Group and Telesis. She has over 25 years of brand management, marketing, innovation, and market research experience with some of the world’s top brands.