Front Row Left to Right: Susan Power (Account Payable/Receivable), Emma Horsfall (Customer Services), Beverley Cox (Customer Service Manager), Nicola Hathaway (Internal Sales/ Customer Service) Back Row Left to Right: Cliff Tully (Warehouse Manager), Richard Gutteridge (Warehouse Operative), Jeewan Soni (Machine Operator), Justin Underdown (Operations Manager), Mr. Liam Donaldson (Regional Sales Manager), Spencer Davis (General Manager), Nick Jarvis (Head of Finance), (Sarah Norton (Customer Services)


We recently had the privilege to interview Spencer Davis and Beverley Cox from our TydenBrooks Europe, Middle East, Africa team. We discussed the ways TydenBrooks works with its divisions around the world to bring high quality security solution products to the global market. The TydenBrooks EMEA team recently moved all of their operations to a new facility and are looking forward to their bright future leading the way, securing the world.



A Global Brand


TydenBrooks is known for being the global leader in security seals and solutions. Part of this leadership comes from having manufacturers and distributors all over the world, allowing TydenBrooks to service customers effectively. One of their key divisions is the UK office that services Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) as well as the United Kingdom. There are 13 members of the EMEA team which is led by TydenBrooks veterans General Manager, Spencer Davis and Customer Service Manager, Beverley Cox. Spencer has been with the company for 4 years, and Beverley has been with the company for 5 years though they have both been in the industry for a combined 35 years. Their experience allows them to lead the EMEA team with knowledge and a wealth of experience.


The Big Move


Over the last three months, TydenBrooks EMEA has been moving all of its operations under one roof at their new facility. The new facility, located at 18 Sterling Park, Laker Road in Rochester, Kent, brings the companies’ sales, marketing, and customer service teams as well as their product warehouse together under one roof. This move has increased communication, logistics, and productivity and allows the members of the team to work together to deliver top-quality customer service. This dedicated team is a significant part of what makes TydenBrooks the global leader in security seals and solutions.


“TydenBrooks is about global,” said General Manager, Spencer Davis, “We work together with our teams around the world to come together as a global brand.”


Relationships, Credibility, Experience


TydenBrooks EMEA faces unique challenges in the European market. One of these is competition, in which they have 12 – 14 competitors. They meet this challenge with the quality of products and customer service and backed by a 146-year legacy that holds much brand loyalty. It is essential for a company to have a strong understanding of what the European market requires, and Spencer and Beverley’s combined 35 years of experience in the field give them that edge. They work closely with customers and understand the industries and what solutions they need to protect the customers' supply chains. “For Europeans, it is about trust in whom you are working with and confidence in that company,” Spencer said. In developing and maintaining this trust and confidence with their customer base, TydenBrooks EMEA has been able to bring in new distributors and supply them with reliable products.


A significant aspect that separates TydenBrooks EMEA from its competitors is the importance they place on forming strong, trusting relationships with their customers. While many companies work with customers only through their website and emails, TydenBrooks believes in one-on-one help and service. Working with a customer face to face to listen, identify their needs, and supply them with the best solution that they can trust. Relationships, credibility, and experience are three driving factors of TydenBrooks and not just in their EMEA division, but companywide.


Understanding customers culture is a big part of TydenBrooks EMEA business as they span numerous countries in Europe. Understanding and respecting these differences helps in building strong relationships in every region. Some cultures are assertive, and others are more laid back and knowing how to approach these customers goes a long way in securing and maintaining relationships.


Creativity and Innovation


Having product development working with the rest of the team allows TydenBrooks EMEA to provide innovative solutions to their customers. One of its largest verticals is the airline industry. Over the years, EMEA has been able to bring new products to this sector, such as their Tyden Pack and Tyden clip, which are reusable thermal security bags and clips. They are looking to see significant growth in the airline market in the next four to six months. Product legacy has come to fruition for the European market. TydenBrooks EMEA customers know that the product they buy is high quality and dependable.


The EMEA Team


The TydenBrooks EMEA team consists of 13 people who are all working for the same goal: to meet the needs of the EMEA customers by providing them with innovative security solutions. The TydenBrooks team works together closely with one another to achieve these goals. And now in their new facility, they can communicate much more efficiently and even more so provide the best customer service and solutions to their customers. The team always looks to the future and for opportunities to grow. They are always looking to move to the next level and having a reliable and hard-working team brings strong relationships that help achieve that goal. "Our team brings high energy, high morale which leads to hard work which leads to the next level," says Spencer.


The TydenBrooks team does not only consist of and rely on the people who work in the same building or region, but the entire company working together. Over the years, the gap between different regions of the company has been closed by advancements in communication and shipment technology. The divisions rely on each other to provide global coverage and expertise that has allowed TydenBrooks to remain the top global provider of security seals and solutions.


The Global Leaders


With the EMEA team's new location comes increased operational efficiencies, and they are determined to take advantage of this and continue to grow. TydenBrooks focuses on customization, innovation, customer service, and quality products. TydenBrooks has five manufacturing plants globally, and approximately 25% of the product is manufactured in the U.K. so customers can rely on local distribution. With multiple manufacturing plants around the world, TydenBrooks is able to provide true global coverage with continuity of supply, with options in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. TydenBrooks will only continue growing stronger by educating customers on security solutions including the benefits of layered security. Again, education relies heavily on customer relationships; the “handshake and customer visit” makes all the difference. TydenBrooks continues to work together with all their global locations to bring top of the line customer service, knowledge, and security to the world.


To contact the UK Team directly or for security seal solution questions In EMEA , please contact +44 (0) 1634 393570 or email


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges contact TydenBrooks USA at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage, and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.


Tricia Arton is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tyden Group which includes TydenBrooks Security Products Group and Telesis. She has over 25 years of brand management, marketing, innovation, and market research experience with some of the world’s top brands.