Employee Spotlight: Karina Lopez, Supply Chain Manager

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Supply Chain Manager, Karina Lopez. Karina just celebrated her seventh year with TydenBrooks in September of 2019.  Karina moved to the U.S. from Mexico and began working in the Angola Indiana plant as an assistant planner and buyer. Her journey and growth with the company as well as her contribution to the success of TydenBrooks are inspirational. In our discussion with Karina we learned about her role as the supply chain manager as well as how she works with the other areas in TydenBrooks to make the company a true global leader. We also learned about Karina's work ethic, got some sound advice, and had a look at her life outside of TydenBrooks.   

In the Beginning 


Both Karina and her husband are engineers and moved to the United States seven years ago. Karina worked in supply chain management for the automotive industry in Mexico before coming to the United States. When she came to TydenBrooks, she was immediately welcomed, and her team became like family. “My husband and I moved here with no family living nearby,” Karina said. “My coworkers became like family and made us feel at home.” Seven years later, Karina is now the supply chain manager and has helped the company continue to grow and remain the global leader of security seals and solutions.


Her Current Role


Karina’s current role as supply chain manager is one which is different every day depending on what needs to be done. Some of her main responsibilities include making sure all materials that are used to make security seals arrive on time; creating and executing the production schedule; and holding weekly meetings with both the supply chain as well as sales and operations. Karina is very knowledgeable of all aspects of the company. She and her team manage scheduling and purchasing of materials; and during her tenure with TydenBrooks, the company has achieved a 99.8% on-time delivery score. This is no easy feat. Karina went on to tell us that there are even greater success stories such as with one major distribution customer, they were able to achieve a 100% on-time delivery score. 


A strong team, effective communication, and a lot of hard work made these high-scores possible. They have also met and exceeded expectations in other areas of customer fulfillment. Karina attributes much of this success back to the aspect of TydenBrooks being a family. Everyone knows they can come to her for help, and she knows she has people around her that are always willing to help as well. Kindness, respect, and listening go a long way for Karina in making sure things run smoothly. “I have learned that being kind is more important than being right,” Karina said.


Life Outside of TydenBrooks


Outside of work, family is the most important thing to Karina. She loves spending time with her husband and her two children. She has a son and a daughter, both of whom love gymnastics. At least three times a week, Karina and her husband wake up at 5 a.m. to go exercise before taking their kids to school and heading to work. “We want to stay healthy, so we can be here for our children,” Karina said. She is hard-working both inside and outside of TydenBrooks. Karina also loves reading; and is currently teaching her children about finances and money management. “It is an essential skill to have in this world, and they enjoy learning about it,” she said. 


Looking to the Future


Karina is a vital part of the TydenBrooks team, and her coworkers around the world agree. She looks forward to continuing to grow along with the company and maintaining their place as global leaders. Her coworkers see her as the go-to for all information, and Karina is the spoke of a very large wheel; but she still takes advantage of every opportunity to learn herself. With hard-working, dedicated, and caring employees like Karina, the future is very bright for TydenBrooks.



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 Tricia Arton is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tyden Group which includes TydenBrooks Security Products Group and Telesis. She has over 25 years of brand management, marketing, innovation, and market research experience with some of the world’s top brands.