TydenBrooks has many moving parts that work together to make the company the global leader in the security seals and solutions market. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our marketing department’s very own Senior Marketing Manager, Nicole Knodle to discuss how the marketing department works hand in hand with the sales team to deliver quality customer service to TydenBrooks’ customers. Knodle also shared with us some insight into her life and some advice for people coming to work with the marketing department of TydenBrooks.



Knodle was first directed to TydenBrooks by an inside sales manager who said she would be a perfect fit for the company’s marketing manager position. Upon interviewing and meeting the team, she fell in love with the culture of the company and accepted the job. Working as marketing manager for two years, Knodle was then promoted to senior marketing manager where she has been for the last two years, bringing her to four years and counting with the company.


A typical day for Knodle consists of listening to insights from the sales and customer service teams on what our customers need. The marketing team, sales team, and customer service team work closely together as they provide each other with the necessary information for each department to improve and better serve the customer. “Sales and marketing have the same goal,” Knodle said, “which is to make the customers’ lives easier. Honoring that is the most important aspect of creating a successful marketing campaign and is the heart of TydenBrooks.”

With this teamwork, they can provide the most comprehensive and customizable security solutions in the industry.


Knodle’s position as senior marketing manager also comes with many other responsibilities that she and the marketing team oversee. These include brainstorming ways to optimize customer solutions, educating other departments on marketing and security trends, coordinating with sales on marketing strategies across channels, and monitoring websites and ensuring all information is up-to-date and fixing any errors customers have.


While that seems like a long list of responsibilities, her and her team also create all social media posts and engage with customers, take product pictures and create images needed for promotions, sales, initiatives and the TydenBrooks website. Every day is exciting for Knodle and the marketing team, and that is part of what she loves about the job; there is an opportunity to do so much and grow in many areas.


“I have grown immensely in marketing while working at TydenBrooks,” Knodle said. “TydenBrooks has aided me in keeping up-to-date on marketing trends via ensuring proper education in a continually changing field.” Knodle has had the opportunity to attend the annual Marketing Summit in Atlanta and has also received her Digital Marketing Certification from General Assembly.


Whether it is coming up with a new marketing strategy or designing product graphics for the TydenBrooks website, creativity plays a big part in what makes successful marketing. An example of Knodle being able to use her creativity was overseeing the re-design of the TydenBrooks website in 2017, where they re-branded TydenBrooks. “The re-branding of TydenBrooks was quite an explorative and creatively expressive job,” Knodle said.


Knodle has high hopes for the future of TydenBrooks. “My hopes for the future of TydenBrooks is that we continue to be the market leaders and continue exploring new fronts to ensure we provide the optimal security solutions for every type of customer,” Knodle said. “From the smallest mom and pop shop to billion-dollar global corporations.” Her advice for those coming to work with the team at TydenBrooks is to be ready to be creative and excited to wear multiple hats. “No two days are exactly alike,” Knodle said. “That is what makes TydenBrooks enjoyable.”


Knodle went to college at Chattahoochee Tech and Georgia State University, receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Sociology. She enjoys anything to do with nature, such as hiking, camping, and outdoor meditation almost always with her partner and their dogs. Traveling and immersing herself in new cultures has been a significant part of her life as she has been to over ten countries. She also loves working in film and theater and reading.


Nicole Knodle is an excellent example of what makes TydenBrooks the global leaders of security seals and solutions. The employees of TydenBrooks are more than co-workers, we are family. We work together daily to ensure our customers around the world are taken care of, and their supply chains are protected.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage, and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.