We in the marketing department here at TydenBrooks recently had the pleasure to sit down and speak with Roger Kiker, a machine operator at our Tallapoosa, GA plant. Working at the plant for the past 45 years, Roger has a keen understanding and unmatched knowledge of how things work and operate. He shared with us great insight into the exciting history of the Tallapoosa GA plant, the innovation he has witnessed and been a part of over the years, how daily life goes at the plant, as well as some strong advice for the future. Roger also kindly shared with us a little bit of his personal life.  Throughout the interview we were able to see what makes Roger a dedicated, model and valued employee.


In the Beginning


Kiker came to work at the Tallapoosa plant directly out of high school and has worked there ever since. He was looking for a job close to home, and he found the plant would allow him to learn and do a variety of different tasks and responsibilities. “I was able to do a lot of different things over the years, and I like that, I don’t like just staying in one place all the time. I like a challenge, you learn from that,” Kiker said. Learning and an expanse of different tasks is a big part of what has kept him at the plant for 45 years and continues to keep him going strong.


Growing Over Time


Things were a lot different at the Tallapoosa plant 45 years ago when Kiker began, when a big part of the work they did was in the world of printing. According to Kiker, the company did a lot of different types of printing such as printing various paper products, silk screen printing on metals, as well as the place where he originally began, paper cutting. Silkscreen printing on metal was a significant part of the business then, and we printed on products like the napkin rings you find in restaurants, the information on the outside of fire extinguishers, and signing of all types. “We also had a 6-color press, which was really something then,” Kiker said. Kiker worked in printing for 15 years after switching over from his paper cutting station.


Kiker’s 45 years with the company allowed him to be a part of many innovations and evolutions at the plant. From printing to producing metal products such as flower cages and other nursery products to security seals, Kiker has worked, as he says, “from one end of the plant to the other.” When he started with the plant, he worked in a small building close to the current location before the company grew and moved to the larger plant in 1977. Since then he has seen the plant itself grow, including a major expansion of their plastic indicative security seal production in 2017.


"Products used to be mostly paper and plastic in the plant, now it is probably about 85% plastic and only about 15% metal, with very little paper products.  Plastic has grown as our core business within the plant," Dan Tascarella, manager of the Tallapoosa plant, said.


Kiker has been able to thrive over the years with these changes. They have allowed him to learn new areas and production processes and have kept the job fresh and challenging.


Tallapoosa Plant Now


Currently, Kiker works on the production line of the Griplock Coin Bag seals as well as TeviTags. The Griplock Coin Bag Seal is an adjustable length plastic seal designed for sealing coin, currency and mail bags. These seals are marked with numbering and use security tabs to provide tamper evidence for currency and sensitive documents. TeviTag Tamper-evident Security Seals incorporate the patented locking mechanism and tamper-evident seal features that have made TydenBrooks' seals the highest quality and most widely used in the industry.


Kiker takes great pride in working at a plant that produces all of its products in house, making them “Made in the U.S.A.” products. It lets customers know they are getting high-quality products that are made, packaged and shipped right out of Tallapoosa, GA.


Professional Advice


We can all learn something from Roger Kiker, no matter what line of work we are in. Hard work, dedication and loyalty pay off and are great qualities of an outstanding worker. Kiker is the kind of guy that if you need anything you can call, and he will be happy to help. He is a genuine, hard-working and good-hearted man.


He has some sound advice for those coming to work at TydenBrooks’ Tallapoosa plant. "To be successful at this plant, you have to come to work every day ready to learn and work hard. You have to stick with it and always give it 110%. Take pride in the work you do," Kiker says.


Who is Roger Kiker


Roger Kiker was born to a farming family in Heflin, Alabama. He is the youngest of nine children and has six brothers and two sisters. His family had a 135-acre farm where they raised every type of farm animal there is. His father worked the farm until he changed over to work for the pipeline. He graduated from Ranburne High School in Alabama.


Now, aside from working full-time at the Tallapoosa plant, Roger owns his own landscaping business that he has operated for over 20 years. If he isn't at the plant, he is usually outside landscaping for clients, weather permitting. His landscaping business serves Waco, Bremen (where he lives), and Villa Rica.


Kiker has been married to his wife Joyce for 39 years, they have one son Chris.  Chris and his wife Charotte have a six-month-old son, Adam.  Chris is within his final year of residency to become a family doctor while living in South Carolina.  Roger and his wife are very proud of Chris becoming a doctor and also mentioned that they "enjoy spending time with their grandson who brings them much happiness."  In his free time, Roger loves to go fishing on his boat.


Roger Kiker is a shining example of an outstanding worker who dedicates himself to his work and always gives his all. He plans to retire from the Tallapoosa plant at some point and look back on his 45 plus years there with great pride. TydenBrooks and the Tallapoosa plant are proud to have a man like Roger Kiker on their team.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.