Employee Spotlight: Suzie Sanders, Finance


We recently had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Suzie Sanders, Finance Controller for TydenBrooks at the Angola, Indiana plant. An employee for 40 years as well as a second-generation TydenBrooks employee (her father worked for the company in the 60’s), Sanders has many insights into how the finance department at TydenBrooks works. We learned the interesting story of how she started with the company, how her team works together to achieve goals, and a little about her exciting life outside of TydenBrooks. 


In the Beginning


One fascinating fact about Sanders is how she got started with her career at TydenBrooks. As mentioned before, she is a second-generation employee of the company. Sanders’ father began with the company back in the 1960s when the company was known as Brammall, Inc. before it merged with Tyden in 1997 to form TydenBrammall. He was the head of the machine shop at a time when the company built and maintained their own machines, and he oversaw this process. When Sanders graduated from International Business College, he told her of a job in the invoicing department at Brammall, she interviewed and got the job and has been with the company, now TydenBrooks, ever since.


While working in invoicing, Sanders returned to college at Tri-State (now Trine University) in Angola for her finance degree. During her career with the company, she has worked in many different areas including invoicing, manufacturing, customer service, and finance; making her quite the jack-of-all-trades. As a financial controller, she is grateful for her experience in other areas of the company. This experience gives her a better understanding of how these different departments work; enabling her to work with them more effectively.


Her Current Role


Now, with 40 years of experience under her belt, Suzie is the Financial Controller at the Angola, Indiana facility. Some of Suzie's responsibilities include making sure manufacturing costs are reported accurately; manufacturing scorecards; balance sheet/income statements; budget; and audits. Like all areas of TydenBrooks, teamwork and strong communication are a big part of the job. “You work with everyone,” Suzie said. “Not just the finance team, you also work with receiving, purchasing, production, marketing, accounting, and customer service.” She works with other managers from all different aspects of the company to set controls for accurate counting, budgets, and goals. The yearly budget planning process requires a meeting with all of TydenBrooks managers at which they discuss the budget plan for the next year.


While math is a big part of the job in the finance world, Suzie says communication, both verbal and written, is the essential skill to have in her position. “When working with so many different departments, it is important to have good communication skills,” Suzie said. Suzie is also well versed in analytics, and multiple computer software programs including Microsoft Office, Epicor (TydenBrook's ERP system) and the Tyden Management System (TydenBrook's internal management and leadership system.)


Each workday for Suzie begins with her answering emails from around the world. Due to different time zones, these emails come in at all hours, so she must check to see what has come in overnight and that morning. At 9:15 A.M., Suzie and her team hold a collaborative meeting where they discuss sales, backlog, and any questions or concerns that may arise. “Another benefit to having strong communication skills is being able to catch issues before they become big problems,” Suzie said. “This way, we can create a plan of action and fix them.”


Different days of the month determine the daily work in the finance department. The beginning of the month is the busiest time as that is when they look over the previous month’s budgets, expenses and goals and make decisions on the upcoming month. Time of the year also determines what is happening in the department. In the months of February and March, the department is working with external auditors reviewing the numbers from the previous year. To make sure goals are met, the team tracks the top five projects each week. This method assures goals are in alignment so everyone can reach what they need to accomplish.


The Future


Suzie has gained much experience during her 40 years with TydenBrooks and looks forward to her future with the company. She has been a part of multiple mergers with TydenBrooks. “With these mergers, we have seen growth," Suzie said. "We always focus on quality, lead times, manufacturing, and customer service; and it is great to continue to see the increase in these areas."


As an employee, Suzie believes it is important to be able to come to work, grow and enjoy what you do. When employees are respectful of one another, dependable, and hard-working; it creates a successful and fun workplace. These employee qualities lead to everyone doing their part to keep the company working efficiently. “As long as we have a strong and dedicated team like we have now, the future is bright for TydenBrooks.” Suzie said. 



About Suzie Sanders


Outside of the workplace, Suzie enjoys time with her family. She has two sons and two grandsons that she loves. "We are all very close," Suzie said. "My mother is still alive along with her eight siblings, and I love when the whole family gets together."


Suzie and her family recently returned from a Canadian fishing trip with 18 family members. She and her family are avid nature lovers, often visiting state parks and mountain trails. Suzie also owns a 19-acre farm where she has two quarter horses. She enjoys taking her horses trail riding, and often rides during the day and camps at night under the stars with her family.


Suzie Sanders is a perfect example of what a successful, hard-working employee should be. She has dedicated 40 years to TydenBrooks, which proves her dedication and love for her job. TydenBrooks employees worldwide and at the Angola plant are so grateful to have Suzie on their team.


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Tricia Arton is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tyden Group which includes TydenBrooks Security Products Group and Telesis. She has over 25 years of brand management, marketing, innovation, and market research experience with some of the world’s top brands.