A report from FreightWatch International compiled from law enforcements industry databases and U.S. theft data estimated cargo theft was up 15% in the third quarter of 2013. A study of 45 countries by First Advantage, reports Security Management, showed that containers often reached their destination without seals or any way to trace back any security precautions used by the carrier.

From the moment a transport heads out with a customer shipment to the time it arrives for inspection at its final destination, theft and tampering are a big risk.  The use of tamper evident cargo seals deters theft and tampering and provides a way to track the security methods put in place.

The TydenBrooks FlexSecure FS 15 Cable Seal provides an inexpensive way to protect light loads from theft and tampering.  The FlexSecure FS 35 and 50 Cable Seals give you added protection by complying with ISO 17712:2010 standards.  They are C-TPAT and PIP compliant for use on any of your high-value, hazardous and international cargo loads.

FlexSecure FS15 Cable Seal

The FlexSecure FS15 Cable Seal is a 1.5mm (1/16 inch) braided cable made of individual anodized aluminum strands.  Available in a standard 12 inch length, when cut, the cable separates and cannot be resealed.  The zinc and steel lock comes in a variety of colors and can be laser printed with a name, logo, identification numbers and a barcode.

This is a popular cable seal for food shipments, trailer and container door latches, valves and meters.  Evidence of tampering can be seen from a distance and the laser-etched information cannot wear off.  When the identification numbers are included on the cargo documentations, the destination inspection has proof of a safely transported shipment.
FlexSecure FS15 Cable Seal
The FlexSecure FS35 and FS50 Cable Seals 

For further protection, the ISO 17712:2010 compliant FlexSecure FS35 and FS50 Cable Seals give you a heavier seal that is harder to cut and tamper with.  Slowing down any attempt at theft or tampering increases the risk of perpetrators being caught or deters them from proceeding with their actions.
FlexSecure FS50 Cable Seal
The FlexSecure FS 35 Cable Seal is 3.5mm (1/8 inch) in diameter and comes in a standard 12 inches.  The FlexSecure FS 50 Cable Seal is a 12 inch cable that is 5.0mm (3.16 inch) in diameter.  All of these cable seals are available in custom lengths.  The cable locks are also available in various colors with the same laser-engraved options as the FS 15 Cable Seal.  

These C-TPAT and PIP compliant cable seals are commonly used with high-value shipments, cross border shipments, railcars, intermodal trailers and containers.  They are used on international shipments and anywhere a high-security tamper resistant seal is needed to protect your customer's materials.