The Food and Grain industry manages products which eventually end up on a consumer's table.  This creates a potential liability should a contaminant be introduced into the storage facilities containing these products.  There are also several health hazards present when working with large stores of these products.  A secure way to seal food and grain storage containers reduces these risks.  Selecting the proper seal is important to protect your company from liability.

Tamper-Resistant Seals

The use of tamper-resistant seals that meet or exceed ISO 17712 standards insures safe storage of a product and deters unauthorized access. C-TPAT (Customs Trade partnership Against Terrorism) established this standard to define a cable lock system that can be opened only by the use of cable cutters.  The seal includes a permanent marking system which will remain visible through wear and weathering.

The Importance of Seals for Food Storage

The ISO 17712 standards were defined as a result of greater awareness to the potential of theft, damage or contamination of materials being transported or in storage.  Food storage containers can be at significant risk if not secured.  Even minor contamination can render the entire supply unusable.

Unsecured grain silos can be especially hazardous to those unfamiliar with the properties of the contents. OSHA sent out warning letters to grain handling companies after a number of injuries in grain silos, including the deaths of two teenagers who made their way into an Illinois grain elevator.  OSHA stressed education of those working in silos as to the dangers of shifting grain as well as securing any opening into silos not used by the grain workers.  The use of high security cable seals on any doors or access ways into a silo can reduce unauthorized entry and possible injuries.

The Multi-Lok is a cable seal that provides high security for any container.  This seal consists of a 1/8 inch non-preformed galvanized steel cable that unravels when cut so tha cable cannot be reinserted into the tamper resistant zinc lock-body.  This cable and lock-body provides more than 3,000 pounds of pull-apart force.  The seal can only be removed by using a cable cutter.

Multi-Lok Cable Seal - Barcoded

Your company name and a unique sequential number may be printed on the cable lock body.  Laser,ink-jet or cold stamped identification are available.  Bar coding is also available and can be done by ink-jet or laser-etching.

Multi-Lok Cable Seal

The 1/8-inch Multi-Lok high security cable is useful in securing valves in a plant, truck trailer doors, railbox car doors, hazardous material containers, tank-truck valves, food storage containers and grain silos.  It is a secure way to protect the contents of a container as well as reduce the liability to companies managing the storage.

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