Choosing the right security seals


When selected and used properly, security seals can play an important part in deterring and preventing theft throughout the supply chain. But how do you know which security seals are right for your products and your business?


The process of selecting the right security seals begins with considering how they will be used and the overall purpose they serve. Other considerations include the relative value of the products to be secured, their attractiveness to thieves, and how readily the goods could be sold if stolen. Specific industries also have unique security concerns, standards and regulations impacting the selection of security seals.


Security seals to deter theft and pilferage


Barrier security seals include bolt and cable seals and are designed to provide a “barrier” and deterrence to theft, while also indicating tampering. Barrier security seals are generally considered high security seals. Using high security cable seals and bolt seals on trailer, rail and shipping containers helps keep would-be criminals and other bad actors from accessing cargo.


Cable seals manufactured from zinc are among the most secure and reliable available today. For example, the EZ Loc—made of durable die-cast zinc—is highly effective. The new over-molded EZ Loc Plus offers the same level of security with a zinc body that’s over-molded, allowing for a wide range of marking options for customized tracking. 


Cable security seals made of aluminum include the patented FlexSecure. Unlike most aluminum seals which use a flat disc, the FlexSecure uses a ball-bearing in its locking chamber that does not touch the chamber walls, making it almost impossible to compromise. 


Both the EZ Loc and FlexSecure use a non-preformed security cable that frays when cut to show evidence of tampering. They also both pull tight for maximum security and can only be removed with cable cutters. Government regulations may dictate the need for specific seal diameters, lengths or compositions, depending on the intended application.


Bolt seals like the Snaptracker and Intermodal II are CTPAT compliant for cross-border shipments and meet ISO 17712:2013 standards. Requiring bolt cutters to remove, these bolts provide superior strength and deterrent capabilities. The new Flex Bolt seal is made from galvanized aircraft cable, making it more pliable than traditional bolts while still meeting ISO 17712:2013 standards. This seal also requires cable cutters for removal.

Flex Bolt


For an additional layer of security, hybrid tamper evident devices can be added. Seals like the SeaLock SL effectively protect shipping containers by locking the Keeper bars and the door latch. Requiring two cuts for removal, the device has two locking mechanisms and exceeds all ISO 17712:2013 Clause 6 standards and CTPAT standards for high security seals. 


By contrast, indicative security seals are designed only to show evidence of tampering. These seals, which can either be fixed length or adjustable, serve as visual indicators of tampering and deterrents to theft. The most widely used indicative security seal for transportation is the plastic truck seal. As the name indicates, this seal is routinely used to secure truck latches and show evidence if a door has been opened. Additional examples of indicative security seals include Tug Tights, All Seals, Equiloks and Plastic Padlock Seals


While indicative security seals are often plastic, they can be made of other materials including wire or flat metal, as is the case with one of the oldest, most proven security seals on the market, the Tyden Ball Seal.   


Expert help in selecting security seals


Using security seals is a cost-effective and reliable way to deter and prevent theft throughout the supply chain including the transportation, storage and warehousing of goods. But it isn’t always easy to choose the right security seals for your needs, given the wide array of seals available in today’s marketplace and your unique needs.


As the worldwide leader in security seals, TydenBrooks offers a comprehensive portfolio of security seals and creates custom security solutions to meet unique client needs. The experts at TydenBrooks work with customers to review and understand their security requirements, develop effective plans and processes, and partner with customers to implement security strategies that utilize the right security seals for every application.


So, while selecting the right security seals can seem like a daunting task, given the wide range of seals available, you don’t need to make these important choices on your own. Just as TydenBrooks has the widest array of security seals on the market today, so do we have the largest and most experienced sales and customer service staffs in the industry, available to help you find the right solution to your needs.


Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or to discuss how we can help protect your value chain with the right security seals. Since 1873, we have been creating custom solutions, for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs. 


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