TydenBrooks has long understood the importance of multilayered security strategies and has been developing custom programs with our customers for decades. We have worked with everything from small to medium sized regional companies to large multi-national companies to implement the best solutions that protect their supply chains and mitigate risk. Recently, two of the largest global food and agriculture leaders worked with us to implement a multilayered security program, both required high levels of visibility to protect their shipments from tampering, theft, and contamination.

For companies like these, supply chain security measures not only affect the companies bottom-line, but it could have an adverse effect on the public who purchase their items, so layered security is crucial. As there are different multilayered strategies we implement, many customized to the company’s global foot print, what follows is an outline of how we designed and implemented such a program for our two global partners.

Operationally, both global companies utilize trucks and rail to transfer their products across the country as well as cross-border into Mexico and Canada. Each mode of transport requires its own multilayered security strategy, in some instance’s requirements must meet a government standard or companies implement custom programs that all suppliers and vendors must adhere to. By requiring tamper evident security measures at every vulnerable point of your supply chain you immediately mitigate your risk and deter attacks protecting your valuable assets. This is best achieved by deploying our wide selection of barrier and indicative security seal solutions to create a true layered security program.

For high risk-high value cross border rail shipments the vast majority of companies utilize our hardened ISO bolts (Fortified Bolt, Super Bolt, Global Auto-Loc). For cross border rail or truck container shipments many use our Sealock SL-C and Sealock SL to add an extra layer of barrier security as the steel J-Bar provides maximum protection against opportunistic smash-and-grab break-ins.

For national over-the-road truck and rail transport companies employ a combination of our standard ISO bolt seals (SnapTracker, Rod Lok II, Flex Bolt) along with our ISO cable seals (Flexsecure FS35, Flexsecure FS50, Ez Loc). Our plastic adjustable security seals are also used in conjunction with our ISO Cable seals to secure tanker truck and rail car lids that have been filled and then must be cleaned after unloading food ingredients and agriculture goods to ensure sterilization. The majority of these security seals require cutting tools and/or special tools for removal. All these security seals can be laser marked with name/logo, 1D, 2D, QR barcodes, and come standard with serialized numbering to facilitate the track and trace of your cargo from point A to B.

For the products inside the truck or rail car, security seals should be used to secure totes, drums, sacs, and cartons. There are many different ways to do this depending on the type of goods being transported. Totes and drums can be sealed with tamper evident plastic seals such as our adjustable length (TugTight, Equilok, Secure-grip). Our tamper evident security tapes and labels such as the (KTXT, KT, KTC) are used to secure cartons protecting against the pilferage of their contents. Depending on the type of super sacs your using the best solutions are to utilize our (Ultra Bag Seal, TugTight, Secure-grip).



TydenBrooks stands out among the rest when it comes to innovation, experience, knowledge, and customer service. We have many long-term employees that have been with the company for over 20 years who are experts when it comes to creating these strategies. They are always willing to sit down with our customers to create the programs that work best for your supply chain. Our main U.S. plants are located in Tallapoosa, Georgia and Angola, Indiana; and offer many products locally so you get it fast and know the quality is high. We offer tours of our plants and facilities so customers can see first-hand what we do and how these products work to protect their reputation and their supply chains. To us, relationships are the most important aspect and we will always work with you and your company to develop and maintain these relationships. We are ready to listen and meet all challenges that arise to keep your supply chains secure and safe.


Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or info@tydenbrooks.com to discuss how we can help protect your supply chain in 2019 with the right layered security strategy. Since 1873, we have been creating customized solutions, for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs.