The dairy industry has some of the strictest rules and regulations when it comes to gathering, transporting, and storing product, especially milk. Milk has a high-risk level of spoilage and contamination if guidelines are not followed to protect the supply chain. TydenBrooks has worked with the dairy industry for over 50 years, protecting their supply chains and in turn the thousands of people that consume dairy products. In 2017, over 15,000 trucks transported about 25 billion gallons of milk all over the United States. One major factor, specifically for dairy, is preventing contamination. A multilayered security strategy using TydenBrooks’ security seals is the best way to protect supply chains from tampering and contamination.


The Food and Drug Administration created the Food Safety Modernization Act, which was signed into law in 2011. Its goal is to ensure the supply of food in the U.S. is safe by focusing federal regulations on preventing contamination rather than simply responding to it. TydenBrooks security seals help this process in the dairy industry by deterring unauthorized access and providing tamper evidence. Seals are marked with serial numbers and barcodes that are used to record data such as dates, time, supplier and other important information about a shipment. When a shipment arrives, these seals are all checked to make sure the numbers match what is on record and that none have been tampered with or removed and replaced.  


The most effective strategy for protecting these supply chains is to create a strong multilayered security strategy using a number of TydenBrooks products together. Plastic seals such as our Tug Tight and Secure Grip; cable seals such as our EZ LOC and FlexSecure; and bolt seals such as our SnapTracker; are used at different levels of the security process in the supply chain. Tanker trucks usually use anywhere from 12 to 15 security seals to secure all access points and keep track of shipment information. If any seals are broken or show signs of tampering, an extensive investigation takes place and the shipment is rejected. Powdered milk is also secured best with a multilayered security strategy, are placed on canvas or nylon super sac security bags and cinch closed with our plastic seals. These are then put into shipping boxes and sealed with our tamper evident security tapes and labels. Once loaded onto the truck, a cable or bolt seal is then used to seal the truck. These sort of layered security systems were originally used by the U.S. Military and are proven to provide the best protection.  


The security process begins before the milk is loaded into the tanker truck. The stainless steel truck is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after which a plastic seal, such as our Tug Tight and our Secure Grip, is used to seal the tanker and ensure it remains sanitized for the next load of milk it picks up. This process is also done on stainless steel storage tanks that hold milk, then are thoroughly cleaned and reused. These seals are also numbered or barcoded in order to prove they are the same seals that were originally applied.  Cable and bolt seals are also used in storage such as on milk houses and silos.



TydenBrooks leads the world in security seals and solutions. We pride ourselves on innovation and dedication to our customers.  Our newest venture in radio-frequency identification (RFID) will allow us to make our security seals even more effective by allowing quicker and more accurate logging of important information. This will help industries such as dairy that require such detailed record keeping, reporting and attention to regulations and safety. For 146 years, we have dedicated ourselves to protecting supply chains and the public with our unbeatable catalog of security seals and solutions.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent tampering and secure the safe handling and delivery of your ingredients or finished food and beverage products.