Indicative Seals from TydenBrooks SPG are a low-cost, highly effective way to secure shipments, equipment, facilities and other areas of your operation which require a chain of custody or assurance of physical security.
Our indicative seals are available in a wide variety of styles since not all containers or equipment can be effectively sealed with the same device.  They are designed to indicate any evidence of intrusion or tampering and do not require application or removal tools. Our line of indicative seals include:

Plastic Truck Seal Fixed Length Indicative Seals. Fixed Length Seals have a single locking position that insure when the seal is broken, it cannot be re-applied.  These types of seals are idal for trailer doors, tote-boxes and other transportation equipment.
Equilok Adjustable Indicative Seals are ideal for those situations where equipment size and style may vary, requiring an indicative seal that can be pulled tightly to insure security yet can be used on idifferent types of locking mechanisms.
Handilok HL-8
Padlock Indicative Seals are often used in situations where traditional padlocks were once used, ubt you may require easier keyless access to a box, container or other equipment.
KNR Non-Residue Label

Adhesive Tape and Label Indicative Seals are used most often when securing corrugated boxes for air-shipments, sensitive documents, high value items or containers which do not have traditional latches where a lock or mechanical seal could be placed.
Tyden Ball Seal

Flat Metal Indicative Seals can be embossed, numbered & easily applied without the use of tools.  They are used to secure Trailer Trucks, Freight Cars & Containers.
Toolless Roto Seal
Wire Indicative Seals serve as ideal replacements for lead seals. Wire seals are used on meters, drums & totes.

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