Innovation is at the helm of all we do at TydenBrooks. It is one of the main reasons we have thrived for 146 years and remain the global leader in security seals and supply chain solutions. Our latest innovations are into the world of real-time GPS track and trace and radio-frequency identification (RFID) for use with our security seals. Our new electronic security seal additions take our proven supply chain solutions and apply a technology that greatly increases our customers organizational effectiveness. The new GPS GeoBolt and our RFID security seals were  designed to support the progress of our customers strategic capabilities, so they not only improve quality, efficiency, and organizational excellence, but ultimately it supplies them with new tools to gain a competitive advantage, and thus increase their value over time.


The Innovative GeoBolt


Presently we live in a world that is requiring concise and quick answers to our queries, but it also desires a personalized experience with enhanced visibility to make more informative decisions. For example, we only need to look at how quickly we can place an order online, track our Amazon order or our food right to our door step. To that point, the GeoBolt is a ground-breaking new product in the electronic seal category as it provides the user(s) with a proven track and trace technology that monitors location 24/7 and offers real-time alerts to cargo owners, if and when tampering occurs.

This reliable and cost-effective electronic bolt seal can be used in a wide variety of applications including truck, container and rail cargo transport. The ultra-resistant ABS plastic housing offers top of the line protection for the reusable device. The GeoBolt is a high-security barrier seal which is ISO 17712: 2013 and C-TPAT compliant making it flexible and secure for local, national, cross border and international shipping. Additionally, the GeoBolt offers a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can be set to send alerts on a timed schedule.

All alerts are tracked and stored in real-time so the location of cargo is always known, and the exact point and time of any tampering can be seen. If the GeoBolt happens to lose its wireless signal, it stores up to 2000 reports which will then be immediately uploaded to the system when the connection is reestablished. The GeoBolt is fully integrated with GeoSmart, the web-platform specifically developed for this product with the state-of-the-art programming language, Ruby on Rails. This system is supported by one of the world’s most reliable database managers, Oracle, and hosted on the #1 cloud management company in the world, Rackspace.


RFID Security Seals


Also included in our electronic seal catalog are our RFID security seals. RFID is currently widely used in the retail market to keep track of inventory numbers. This technology makes counting and recording product numbers much faster. This innovation just requires the waving of a handheld scanner known as a “wand” near a group of products or cartons equipped with RFID tags. This picks up signals from all RFID tags within a given distance and saves it into a digital database that can then be accessed and reviewed. With this system, products no longer have to be individually counted and recorded by hand; saving time and money and greatly reducing room for human error. TydenBrooks takes this system and applies it to security seals.


TydenBrooks has incorporated RFID in a plastic seal, cable seal, and bolt seal. Our plastic RFID seals are made of polypropylene and can be laser marked and barcoded. They are used for sealing security sacks and pouches, tanker inlets/outlets, and truck trailer hasps. These RFID security seals can be programed with customer specific information and password protected. Using RFID removes the need for manual counting and registering of shipments offering faster process speed and more reliable operations. A handheld reader is used to quickly and accurately read all RFID plastic security seals in the designated area.


Our RFID cable seals are made with polystyrene plastic with galvanized aircraft steel cable. This barrier cable seal is ISO 17712 high security certified with a break strength of 2500 lbs, comes standard with a unique ID to prevent tampering or replication, and is laser marked with optional bar coding. Some common uses for this security seal are truck and trailer doors, containers, and box car doors. This ISO cable security seal, as well as our RFID bolt seal, can be read by static gateway reading systems which means as a truck drives through a set gateway, they can be scanned and recorded by a mounted reader without the truck having to stop. They can also be scanned with handheld readers as well when being checked upon arrival.


Like the plastic RFID security seal, these can also hold customer information and be password protected. It is optional for additional storage space to be added on the RFID chip making it an active RFID, as opposed to the passive RFID that holds less data and has a shorter scan range. The tamper evident version of the RFID cable seal (active) will detect, electronically, whether the seal has been tampered with and show an alert when scanned. All of these features work together to better streamline the supply chain security process and accurately record necessary information.


Our RFID bolt seals offer the same features as our RFID cable seal as far as ISO 17712 high security, read distance, optional password protection, an electronic tamper identification option, laser and barcode marking, and options for additional storage (active). Bolt seals are commonly used for sealing containers for export but can also be used for any supply chain where a high security solution is required such as for cross border trucking. The RFID chip in these seals can be reprogrammed and reused on a new seal making it a cost-effective option.


Innovation and Customization

TydenBrooks is excited to offer these innovative additions to our electronic security seal product line, the GPS GeoBolt seal and our RFID security seals will not only increase cargo security with 24/7 monitoring while in transit, but they will provide our customers with a new tool so in turn their customers receive first class service and ultimately value for their spend. In the past year alone, we have released our tamper evident security bags, Quick Loc 1.0, and Flex Bolt Seal. We have also customized a number of items, such as our corrosion resistant stainless-steel cable seal, to provide solutions that immediately impact our customers bottom-line.



For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.