The tank truck industry is responsible for getting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids safely to their destination, but in every mile of the route, they must also insure that their paylod is not damaged or tampered with along the way.  Securing valves and hatches with ISO 17712 approved cable locks is one way to insure payload safety while on the road.

The ISO 17712 standards were created in response to a post-911 heightened awareness of safety on the road.  C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) established these standards to prevent theft, contamination, or damage to materials being shipped.  It specifies a cable and locking system that requires a bolt or cable cutter to open it. It also specifies a permanent marking system be used that won't fade, weather or wear off.

The 1/8-inch Multi-Lok® cable seal meets all of the ISO 17712 requirements.  It is tamper-proof and constructed with a non-preformed galvanized steel cable.  A zinc connector is fastened at one end of the cable making it easy to lock on the other end.  The 1/8-inch cable seal has more than 3,000 pounds of pull apart force.  The only way to unfasten this cable lock is by a cable or bolt cutter.

Not only is this cable strong, but it can be printed with laser, ink-jet or cold-stamped identification.  Bar coding is also available.  Every type of identification is weather resistant and cannot be scratched off or altered without showing signs of tampering.

Inbound Logistics gives some advice on choosing the right security seals for your payload:
  • Determine how valuable your load is to a thief - a cable seal will prevent access to all but the professional thief.
  • Determine how easy a security seal is to lock and remove - with minimum instruction, workers can be trained to easily lock the Multi-Lok® cable seal.
  • Determine how easy it is to inspect the seal en route - the identification on the Multi-Lok® cable seal is clearly marked and can't be altered or removed without being noticed.
  • Determine how easy it is to authenticate a seal - the Multi-Lok® cable seal can be identified with consecutive ID numbers making it easy to know if a seal was the original seal placed on the valve or hatch.

For many would be thieves or vandals, just the sight of a cable lock seal on tank truck valves and hatches will stop them.  For others who might be prepared, a 1/8-inch cable lock will still be a deterrent.  Since the goal of the thief or vandal is to get in and out quickly, anything that slows down their activity is enough to make them think twice. 

TydenBrooks SPG, manufacturer of the 1/8-inch Multi-Lok seal, is the leading manufacturer of high security seals and provides a wide range of C-TPAT, ISO 9001 and ISO 17712 certified seals.  To find out more about our products and technology, check