Today, many businesses, labs, government agencies and other organizations have an acute and growing need to move high-value, sensitive and otherwise important items in a secure way that not only protects the contents from intrusion but also provides clear and reliable evidence of tampering.

Tamper-evident bags help organizations securely transport such valuable, mission-critical items and TydenBrooks has just introduced a wide range of tamper-evident bags with an industry leading security tab closure.


A breakthrough closure innovation

TydenBrooks Tamper Evident Bags are on the leading-edge in the closed-loop movement of materials.  Crafted from high grade PVC and featuring internal stitching, reverse zippers and an information window for personalization, the bags themselves are on the leading edge.  But it is the TydenClip Chamber that truly make these products innovative. They have a dual tamper evident system - exposing tampering not only to the bag but also the security clip and chamber.

The TydenClip Chamber features tamper-evident breakout points, which means any effort to remove the chamber will result in tamper evidence that can be easily seen and recognized. In addition, these bags can be marked with a logo, barcode, QR code or similar identifying marks.

Standard and customized solutions available

TydenBrooks’ expansive standard bag range includes a Document Bag, A4 Flat Document Bag, Cash Bags (TB1 and TB2), Cash Receipt Bag, Key Bag and an Insulated Bag that allows for temperature control.

If we’re unable to meet your specific needs with our wide range of standard products, TydenBrooks can also design and manufacture custom TydenPak bags specifically created to meet your unique security requirements. We develop bags in custom sizes, shapes, colors and prints. The applications for such custom bags are truly limitless, but TydenBrooks has already developed everything from custom ballot box bags and laboratory sample transport bags to cash-in-transit ATM bags and in-flight thermal bags. And we can manufacture custom bags to your precise specifications based on a minimum order size requirement.

Tamper Evident Bags

Serving a wide variety of customers and applications

TydenBrooks tamper evident bags provides significant and enduring security benefits to organizations that need to move sensitive correspondence or materials between internal locations and between the company and its customers, other external partners and distribution networks. The bags with the innovative TydenClip enables items to travel securely between locations in an easy, convenient and cost-effective manner.

Organizations around the globe are using TydenBrooks tamper evident bags to move important documents, confidential mail, cash and coins, diamonds and other gemstones, keys, DVDs and other media materials, voting-related papers, medical records, personal effects, mobile phones, laptops, other electronic devices, and medical materials including pharmaceuticals and images.

As you might expect, customers are using TydenBrooks security bags across a wide range of industries and industry sectors to move materials requiring robust anti-tampering security. Companies relying on tamper-evident bags include retailers, wholesalers, pharmaceutical firms, hotels, entertainment venues, casinos, restaurants and bars. In the public sector, use of these bags is widespread among government agencies and educational institutions, including schools, technical training facilities and universities. Tamper-evident bags are also used broadly across the aviation industry and hospital systems along with laboratories and other testing facilities.



See exactly how the TydenClip Chamber works

Explore the breakthrough innovation of the new TydenClip Chamber series for yourself today by watching a pair of brief videos. (Each is under a minute long.) The first video here demonstrates the basic design and function of the TydenClip Chamber and how easy it is to use. The second video here shows how the TydenClip Chamber’s novel use of breakout points protects your important materials by providing clear evidence of chamber tampering.

A security partner that’s always innovating for you

Criminals and other bad guys are continuously working to find new ways to infiltrate and compromise security systems. Shouldn’t you rely on a security partner that’s putting every effort into creating new safeguards to protect your critical documents, cash and other high-value materials from tampering and theft? TydenBrooks has been such a partner for 145 years, and we never stop working to innovate in tamper-evident bags--and across all aspects of our business—to protect what matters to you and your organization.


For more information or to discuss your unique security requirements, contact TydenBrooks, the global leader in security seals and tamper-evident bags, at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent tampering and secure the safe movement of your sensitive documents and materials.