Introducing the newest innovation from Tyden Brooks, the NL-2 and NL-3 Anchor Security Seals. Designed to replace lead seals, the NL-2 and NL-3 are one-piece security seals comprised of an anchor-like head that interlocks into a polycarbonate body. Both seals come clear as standard product to show immediate evidence of tampering with an 18-inch pull-tight style wire attached that fits all applications where traditional padlock seals are used yet also allows the seals to fit varying equipment styles. Both the NL-2 and NL-3 are laser marked, the NL-3 features a second laser marked number on the anchor insert for higher security. 


The NL-2 and NL-3 are available as custom in four colors (red, yellow, blue, green) with a 50,000-unit minimum order quantity.  Customers may now create an account and order any combination of Tyden Brooks’ most popular stock security products including the NL-2 and NL-3 and enjoy shipping within 2 business days.


Tyden Brooks is the world’s oldest and largest provider of security and tamper evident seals, including indicative seals, cable seals, bolts, security tapes, labels, and locking devices. Founded in 1873, TydenBrooks is the global leader in innovation & reliability, providing regulatory compliant customizable solutions to track, trace, and authenticate shipments requiring the highest level of security. Tyden Brooks -  Leading the Way, Securing the World.


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