TydenBrooks, the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of security seals, is proud to announce its strategic alliance with Sealock Security Systems. Sealock, the Miami-based manufacturer of hybrid security seals, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with TydenBrooks. This alliance will allow TydenBrooks to bring North American customers Sealock’s unique and innovative products. Sealock’s expertise is rooted in its extensive experience in the cargo industry, founded by a freight forwarder who saw first-hand the need to improve on existing bolt and cable seals. From its humble beginning in its founder’s garage 21 years ago, Sealock has grown into a trusted provider of cargo security solutions to many of the world’s largest movers of freight. Sealock is still a familyrun business operated by a father and sons team, which harkens back to the origin of TydenBrooks, itself founded by E.J. Brooks and later run by his son Winfred. Since its founding, TydenBrooks has provided its customers the best quality and most comprehensive security solutions; this new alliance with Sealock continues that tradition. TydenBrooks is excited to bring Sealock to new markets throughout North America.

The products offered through this program will be the Sealock SL and SL-C. The SL is a hybrid cargo security device consisting of a barrier locking bar and indicative cable seal. The device is a single-use security product that simultaneously seals and locks the container doors, requires two cuts for removal, and exceeds all ISO 11712:2013 Clause 6 standards. The SL-C is a dual-sided large diameter cable seal that also seals and locks both container doors together and prevents the most common forms of covert intrusion and tampering, while still exceeding CTPAT standards for high security seals.

After more than 140 years TydenBrooks is still the global leader in security seals because of its commitment to meeting all its customers’ security needs. Offering these Sealock products, along with its current catalog of security seals, continues and expands upon the TydenBrooks tradition of providing its customers the highest quality security solutions to protect their shipments.