2019 is here and with it comes new challenges in the world of security. Every year thieves and other bad actors create new, more advanced theft techniques requiring an evolution of a company’s security strategies. TydenBrooks makes it a point to stay informed of all the latest trends in theft so that we can innovate our products to meet these challenges. For 145 years we have kept on top of theft and unwanted tampering with our extensive catalog of security seals and products.


When it comes to protecting your supply chain, TydenBrooks offers the best security seals and products on the market. When multiple TydenBrooks products are used together a layered security strategy is formed that greatly increases the defense against theft and unwanted tampering. Our unbeatable catalog of barrier and indicative seals as well as our non-security seal products, such as tapes and labels, can be combined to protect your supply chain during transport and storage. The phrase “more is better” definitely applies when constructing a security strategy for your company, and TydenBrooks can provide all you need to accomplish it.

Barrier seals, also called high security seals, are made to prevent unwanted access to cargo during transport or storage. These seals are made of different metals and metal alloys that makes many of them ISO 17712 certified and C-TPAT compliant. These seals usually require special tools, such as bolt cutters or pliers, to remove. Barrier seals include the EZ-Loc, FlexSecure, Flex Bolt, and Intermodal II Bolt Seal. One of our strongest barrier seals is the SeaLock SL which is a metal bar seal that requires two cuts from two different tools to remove. This keeps unwanted people out of the shipping container itself.



Indicative seals include our vast selection of plastic security seals and are made to show evidence of tampering. These seal types include the Plastic Truck Seal, AllSeal, Equilok, Pull-tite and Tug tight. Barrier and indicative seals can be combined to provide an even more effective security system. While the barrier seal can prevent unwanted access to a shipment, indicative seals can seal the cargo within the shipment to show tampering that may occur. In addition to these seal layers, our non-seal security products such as our tamper evident tapes and labels can be used to provide further security and evidence of tampering.

Another layer of security that can be added comes in the form of numerical tracking, barcoding, and our newer 2D barcoding (QR Codes). These codes are used to store information that includes tracking of your shipments. These customized markings on your seals can be used to add a digital trail that follows your product and also can hold useful information for your vendors and transporters. Seal markings are not only a form of security, but also help organize and keep track of your products and makes compiling this information more efficient.



Let’s take a look at an example of a simple layered security strategy. For a company that manufactures lighting and other high-ticket home products, they frequently pack these products in cardboard shipping boxes that can be sealed with our customizable security tamper evident tapes, and then put in shipping totes which can then be sealed with our medium strength pull-tight Equilock plastic seals. These seals can be labeled with barcoding and number tracking to organize ­which products are in which totes and store product information. This can all then be loaded in a shipping container which can be secured with one of our top-quality barrier seals such as the SeaLock SL or any of our high security bolt or cable seals, which can also be barcoded or numbered. As you can see, this process adds multiple layers of effective security including barrier and tamper evidence as well as critical information about the products themselves and where they are being shipped. All of the products used in this strategy can be found in our catalog. This makes us a one-stop shop for all of your security needs and allows you to prepare for the new year with a security strategy that will protect your supply chain.


Layered security strategies were first used by the military to heighten security protocols. TydenBrooks can work with your business to provide reliable advice on these strategies as well as providing you with unbeatable products to put these strategies into practice. Don’t wait until it is too late, prepare for the future by upgrading the security of your supply chain so you can go into 2019 with peace of mind knowing you are protected with TydenBrooks.


Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or info@tydenbrooks.com to discuss how we can help protect your supply chain in 2019 with the right layered security strategy. Since 1873, we have been creating custom solutions, for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs.