It's up to you to ensure the safety of shipments to your customers. High risk and high value cargo puts you at a higher liability in case of loss or theft of a shipment. Securing cargo properly reduces your risk and the potential impact to your company's finances and reputation.

Tamper-resistant seals that meet the ISO 17712 standards are the most secure devices you can use for your shipments. This standard for cable devices specifies a unit that can only be opened by bolt or cable cutters and includes a permanent marking, usually by laser engraving so the mark cannot be removed.

The X-Border Extreme-duty Security Cable Seal is an ISO 17712 compliant security product that protects your high risk, high value shipments. The ISO 17712 standard lists three levels of seals:  indicative, security and high security. The X-Border falls into the high security category, giving you the highest protection available.

X-Border Cable Seal

This cable seal consists of a 14-inch cable made of galvanized wire rope. Longer cable lengths are available for your special needs. The ends snap together with a laser-etched identification on one end. This creates a continuous loop of galvanized steel cable that must be cut to be removed. 

The device is ideal for truck and trailer doors, rail cars, tank cars, hopper cars and containers. The identification is easy to read in many conditions. The cable itself can be seen from far away making it a great deterrent. From a distance, it's obvious that a cable cutter will be needed to remove this cable. This is also an accepted security device on international shipments.
The ISO 17712 standards have post-9/11 relevance in that the security devices are not only to prevent theft or unauthorized access to a container's contents. The X-Border Extreme-duty Security Cable prevents someone from placing illegal or dangerous materials within the shipping truck or container without your knowledge.

The X-Border Extreme-duty Security Cable is easy to attach by anyone with 30 seconds of instruction. The laser-etched security identification is easy to read and use for tracking. Just the presence of this cable security on your truck or railcar can be enough of a deterrent to potential theft or vandalism. Only someone coming prepared with the proper bolt or cable cutters could remove this cable.

By using this ISO 17712 certified cable security device, you insure the safety of the shipment which increases customer trust. You reduce your risk of liability by limiting the ways a shipment could be damaged or stolen.

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