The world of retail is ever evolving. With this vast market comes issues and challenges as it has many supply chain complexities and vulnerabilities. Ultimately, it is down to reducing and mitigating pilferage, theft, and fraud.


Loss of inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft, or errors collectively cost retailers almost $100 billion worldwide or about 1.82% of global sales. The most significant factor in shrinkage among U.S. retailers is external theft and shoplifting, including organized retail crime (ORC), which accounted for 35.6% of all loss last year. Internal factors, such as employee theft, accounted for 24.5% of losses.


TydenBrooks has built a great reputation for creating solutions to these retailer challenges spanning 146 years. While the security solutions for each area of retail loss are unique, as detailed below, they can all benefit from a multi-layered security strategy.


Internal Supply Chain Security Solutions


The internal supply chain covers theft and pilferage that takes place within a company, such as by employees. There is a difference between pilferage and theft. Pilferage involves taking a few items from a larger shipment to conceal the attack as nothing more than human error, whereas theft consists of stealing large amounts such as an entire shipment. Theft and pilferage can happen when employees can easily cut into a standard low security packaging tape, break unmarked tie wraps and replace them, or in a facility with no security cameras use exit doors to get away with more substantial theft.


TydenBrooks offers numerous solutions to these problems that help you build and maintain successful security strategies. Pilferage is easier when totes are improperly secured, usually leaving a gap to extract product, or using low security tie wraps with no track and trace capabilities allowing them to be removed and replaced without tamper evidence.


Our adjustable security seals such as the SecureGrip, Tug Tight, All Seal, and Equilok allow tight sealing that, when correctly applied, prevents any openings or gaps that allow pilferage. These adjustable security seals also allow for track and trace that makes replacing them once removed near impossible. These seals can be customized with barcodes and serial numbers for improved security. These seals also help Improve inventory control and reduce human error that leads to additional shrinkage.  


These adjustable seals should be used in conjunction with our KTXT and KT+ Void security tape to build your multi-layered security strategy. These security tapes seal a cardboard carton or tote and reveal void tamper evidence when opened. These security tapes and labels can also be customized for your business and used for a variety of security needs.


For additional internal facility security to prevent theft and pilferage which can be taken through an exit door in the warehouse our MRS2 or MRP2 tamper evident labels with center security cuts are an effect solution and is also Fire Marshall approved; providing tamper evidence when a door is opened or even semi-opened.


Store Front Security Solutions


In the store where product is sold, many of the same issues arise as with the internal supply chain. These issues can be taken care of with similar layered security strategies incorporating our adjustable length security seals and tamper evident security tapes.


A unique area of risk that exists in a brick-and-mortar stores are point of sale machines. In our current day and age, a lot of tampering takes place with credit card readers and “overlay” skimmers, in that they're designed to be installed in the blink of an eye just by placing them over top of the customer-facing card terminal to steal consumer information. Our tamper evident holographic customizable security labels can be placed on the point of sale machine to show immediate tampering evidence from this type of attack.


If an "overlay" is placed over the machine, it will obscure the tamper evident hologram seal and be immediately noticeable. Should an attack be made to remove the seal it has a VOID message to provide an additional layer of security and tampering. The holographic label along with our KNR Gas Pump seals, which are used frequently on gas pumps to protect card readers, provide tamper evidence if these machines are tampered with in any way or if a “skimmer” of some sort is added. 


External Supply Chain Security Solutions


TydenBrooks goes above and beyond to protect our customers, their brand and their product. When your shipments are on the road, we want you to be able to rest easy knowing they are safe behind well-made, multi-layered, security solutions. One of the biggest threats to a shipment is when it is stopped, "freight at rest is freight at risk." Truck stops, unattended trucks, and drop ship trailers left in yards are all targets for both full truckload (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) theft and pilferage.


Our high-security barrier seals, such as our SnapTracker, ISO Cable seals, and our SeaLock line along with our LSA Security labels used on truck doors, and our state-of-the-art technology seals (RFID) will add multiple layers of reliable security to your shipments; making sure they are not easy targets. These high-security seals provide a barrier that requires special removal tools, making thieves unable to conduct a quick grab and go job of a shipment.


When trailers are left in a shipping or distribution yard, they are often parked back to back or up against a wall to prevent intrusion. This is a good physical solution, but a robust multilayered security strategy would also add indicative plastic seals or our high-security barrier seal to ensure If the trailers are moved a track and trace element has been employed.


For less than truck loads, which are usually trucks that must make multiple stops at different stores to drop off product, our keyed padlock can be combined with our plastic 10” or 9” x-strap to provide tamper evidence and security between drops. The X-Strap is a fixed length security seal which offers numbering, company name, and bar coding that would be removed and replaced at each drop off location, making sure the markings match each time proving the shipment hasn’t been tampered with between stops.


TydenBrooks Stands Out


With many competitors claiming to offer similar products, only TydenBrooks can offer the solution knowledge we have gained over our 146-year history. We understand our customers and their specific issues and have developed our security seals and strategies around their challenges and needs. We have the largest product offering across all product categories, so we have the best chance of solving your problems and being your one-stop-shop for all security needs.


Operations wise, our global capacity, production and marking capabilities (2D,QR,RFID) and intellectual property means we can serve any business regardless of your business size. We have solutions for small, medium, and large businesses in a multitude of sectors. Our lead times are the best in the industry, we are ISO 9001 certified for quality, and we are U.S. based. In the simplest terms, we protect your products, your bottom-line and your brand. It is our mission to make sure your supply chains are secure from start to finish and we will work hand in hand with you to develop the solutions that fit your needs.


TydenBrooks is the largest and most experienced seal manufacturer in the World. We offer uniquely designed products to fit retail applications.  We offer a suite of solutions for all stages of your retail supply chain, virtually anywhere in the world. Our full line of security seals supplement and support your loss prevention procedures for retail products.  Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or to tell us about your application needs and learn more about how our security seals can make your stores more secure. Our solutions can help you improve your bottom line this year. Shop our products on our website here: