Transportation industry case study

Large Railroad Finds Ideal Security Solution for New Car Shipments 


Given the widespread use of security seals in protecting freight transportation against theft, pilferage and tampering, you might think there isn’t a lot of difference in the quality or type of solutions provided by different seal manufacturers. But this is not true at all.


The stark differences between security seal manufacturers was illustrated when one of America’s largest and most storied railroads approached TydenBrooks with a security challenge that was not being met by the railroad’s incumbent seal provider.


Specifically, the railroad needed to find a tough and proven Hardened Bolt Seal that would help the company comply with the American Association of Railroads’ Green Seal Initiative. In addition, the railroad needed this same bolt seal to deliver better tracking in railcar shipments of new cars and trucks.


The existing seal provider had been selling the railroad a low-quality seal that didn’t offer reliable security protection. In fact, when testing the competitor’s seal, a TydenBrook's technician was able, without any tools, to remove the locking body and the security tag and reassemble in under one minute. Thieves could have used the same approach to remove a seal, tamper with vessel contents and install a new seal . No one would have known the difference and hundreds of thousands of dollars of new cars and trucks could have been stolen. In addition, the old security seal was not conducive to the supply chain, making it more difficult to install and use on railcars.


After listening to railroad representatives and gaining a clear understanding of their pressing need, TydenBrooks suggested the Global Auto Loc, a hardened bolt seal that features numbered and colored lock bodies that can be laser marked with barcodes..

Global Auto Loc

Tensile strength tests showed that the Global Auto Loc was noticeably stronger than the competitor’s seal. In cold temperature impact tests, the difference between the two bolts was particularly striking, with all Global Auto Loc devices tested passing and 90 percent of the competitor’s bolts failing.


In addition, working with supply chain to comply with the AAR’s green seal initiative, TydenBrooks developed product that allowed the customer quicker response and seal connectivity. Ultimately, the railroad’s leaders and procurement officers found the Global Auto Loc far more attractive and they awarded TydenBrooks the business. 


Today, the large railroad customer appreciates the added value provided by the Global Auto Loc, a superior hardened bolt seal that meets ISO 17712 standards. The new process and TydenBrooks' Global Auto Loc are helping the railroad reduce the time needed to record and inspect cars, while also driving down errors.


Of course, this is just one example featuring a single product. And different transportation companies have different and varied needs for security seal solutions. But this example illustrates TydenBrooks’ ability to create incremental customer value by providing reliable, easy-to-use security seals of the highest quality and greatest functional advantage. This case study also shows TydenBrooks’ customer-focused approach to supporting and safeguarding the transportation industry.


As the largest, most experienced security seal manufacturer in the United States, TydenBrooks helps firms across the country and around the world secure freight in transit. TydenBrooks offers a wide range of standard, in-stock seals as well as custom solutions to meet the needs of transportation firms striving to move finished goods and raw materials securely by truck, rail and sea transport.  


Many transportation companies rely on TydenBrooks for High Security bolt and cable seals, which are frequently used to protect truck trailers, rail cars and shipping containers against theft, pilferage and tampering. For example, the 1/8 inch EZ Loc Cable Seal and 3.2mm and 5mm Flexsecure Cable Seal zinc and aluminum bodied cable seals are ISO 17712:2013 High Security seals that are C-TPAT compliant. All of these cable seals feature non-preformed security cables that fray when cut, making it impossible to re-lock the seals. All TydenBrooks cable seals come with various marking options for customized tracking.


For more information or to discuss your unique transportation security needs, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.