In 1873, decades before airplanes and long before trucks were even thought of as a means to move cargo, railways carried freight from one end of the country to the other. In this period a lead toy plant in Manhattan was purchased by entrepreneur Edward Jewett Brooks who soon transitioned to manufacturing with a series of railroad-car security seals. This started the successful security seal enterprise that is known today as TydenBrooks, proudly celebrating 140 years of delivering quality products and service to its customers.

Two of the world's largest suppliers of security seals, TydenBrammall and EJ Brooks, merged to become TydenBrooks Security Products Group in late 2009.  In late 2010, TydenBrooks acquired Stoffel Seals in North America to become the global leader of high security and tamper evident seals.  With more than 350 years of combined experience, TydenBrooks continues to meet the needs of companies around the world to keep materials, cargos and supplies safe and secure.

Products from TydenBrooks include a number of innovative high security seals and tamper evident products such as:

The newest products include electronic seals which offer RFID seals and GPS security tagging for asset positioning capability. 

The TydenBrooks General Manager for EMEA states that minimizing risks and preventing theft of customer materials constantly challenges the company to be innovative and create new solutions for old problems.  TydenBrooks helps with preventing tampering of food shipments in transit or in storage, securing doors and latches to prevent access to hazardous environment, preventing theft or tampering of container contents being transported, and even securing valves and other controls from being inappropriately moved.

To successfully keep ahead of theft and tampering, TydenBrooks collaborates with its customers to understand the current concerns and needs.  From the smallest cable seal to electronic GPS bolt seals, the products reflect the needs of the customers.  As we celebrate 140 years of products and service, we are commiteed to exceeding the standards with our products and customer service.