Transporting and storing chemicals offers one of the largest challenges of any industry. There are numerous health and safety regulations to follow while also protecting against theft and tampering. With all these aspects in mind, TydenBrooks offers every level of security and complexity – from tankers, to valves, to storage, to transit – to protect chemical goods from tampering, contamination or theft in transit. We have a strong history of helping the largest and most well-known chemical companies secure their products in both transport and storage.

The Challenge the Chemical Industry Faces:

Chemicals are transported by a variety of modes including rail, road, and water. The chemical industry puts a lot of effort into securing their products in transfer and storage because loss of chemical cargo can be monumental. Cargo theft is a $30 billion issue for businesses including petrol-chemical companies. Thieves are becoming more and more daring and capable, able to lift entire tankers or trailers full of chemical goods. This poses not just a major monetary loss for the company but environmental and safety hazards that can result in problems for the producer. With these threats, companies need security they can trust and rely on that helps them track product and prevent tampering and theft. This is where TydenBrooks steps in, we have over 143 years of experience in securing goods in transit.


How TydenBrooks Helps the Chemical Industry:

TydenBrooks goes above and beyond in providing the highest quality security solutions to companies. We provide high quality seals that are required for chemical drums, tankers, IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers), and valves. From helping chemical transporters reduce their spending by over $200,000 annually to creating innovative products to meet challenges for the transport of chemicals, TydenBrooks has revolutionized chemical transport security.

Reducing Security Spending for a Major Petro-Chemical Company:

A major name in the petro-chemical industry in North America came to us to help provide consistency and restructuring of their security seal program. At the time the company was ordering seals and labels from 6 different vendors with SKUs totaling 36 with no consistency between seals and volumes across their business. TydenBrooks came in and serviced 2 of the locations, a process which included multiple location visits by seal experts to take a look at the best practices, speak with the team, and conduct an investigation on data and annual usage for all products at each location. Working with TydenBrooks, the petro-chemical company was able to take their seal providers from six to just one and consolidate their 36 SKUs to 8. The seal program was finally standardized across the entire business, resulting in a $200,000 reduction in annual costs for the petro-chemical company.

Innovation and Creativity Help Major Fertilizer Company:

TydenBrooks has also worked with chemical companies to innovate new ways to effectively secure their transports. In May 2018, TydenBrooks released their new Quick Loc 1.0 to be used on chemical drums and valves to secure and track them during transport and storage. Many chemical producers also use our reliable EZ Loc Plus and Flexsecure cable seals to create multi-layered security systems for their chemicals.

Sometimes these innovations come as a result of working one-on-one with a company to solve a security seal problem they may be having. One of the largest fertilizer producers in the United States was having a problem with seal corrosion of the standard cable seal that was being used on their ammonium nitrate shipments due to the caustic nature of the chemical. TydenBrooks worked hand-in-hand with the fertilizer producer to develop a new stainless-steel cable, in comparison to the traditional galvanized steel cable, that was much more resilient to the corrosion. This new seal more than doubled the useful life of the seal, saving the producer time and money and greatly reducing risk in the transport of their product.

TydenBrooks offers the best quality security products to help protect against theft and tampering during the transfer and storage of chemicals. We can work with you to figure out exactly what you need to protect your company and meet the laws and guidelines of chemical transport. It is very important to protect and track shipments by rail, road, and water and TydenBrooks is the one-stop-shop for it all.


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