When it comes to helping companies with their security needs, TydenBrooks goes above and beyond in making sure our clients are utilizing security products to the fullest potential. We work with companies to optimize their security and processes to ensure they are as effective as possible. Chemical companies have one of the largest challenges of any industry when it comes to transporting and storing their products because of health and safety regulations as well as preventing contamination and tampering of their products in transit. This makes having a structured, innovative, multi-layered security strategy that stands up to these challenges a necessity.


Our Challenge

Currently, TydenBrooks is working with one of the largest chemical companies in the world to standardize and streamline the way they use their security products to protect their supply chains. Prior to working with us, this chemical company was having a difficult time keeping track of their security seals at each site in their system, such as and knowing if they had the correct security seals applied to the correct shipments, especially as it relates to rail cars which require multiple security seals. They were using numerous different security products with traditional barcodes (1D barcodes) and were even having trouble knowing if someone had removed and replaced their security seals, so TydenBrooks stepped in to create a new, more effective system process.


Our Solution


2D barcoding (Data Matrix, QR Codes) is playing a major part in revamping this chemical company’s security process. 2D barcodes are able to hold an immense amount of information, as opposed to a single barcode which only holds a small amount of information. These 2D barcodes use patterns such as dots, squares and other shapes to encode and stack data. In addition to dedicated 2D barcode scanners, free applications downloaded on to mobile devices can be used to scan and retrieve the data from these barcodes which can include images, website addresses, location, ERP software information, shipment contents, regional data and important tracking and product information. The use of these barcodes has increased in supply chain applications due to their ease of use and ability to hold 10 times more information than traditional barcodes. This comes in handy for chemical companies because they can track and store important chemical information in addition to the tracking and security elements needed to protect chemical supply chains. 


TydenBrooks products using this 2D barcode technology include our EZ-Loc, EZ-Loc Plus, and Flexsecure seals. 2D barcoding can be placed on any seal that can use Laser Marking such as: SnapTrackers, Plastic Truck Seal, Secure-Grips, Secur-Pull and Tug Tights. These are the seals used most often by chemical companies to secure their value chain and now with the integration of this barcode technology they are even more effective. 2D barcoding helps chemical companies to structure and improve their layered security strategies by adding additional information to their security protocol as well as adding organization to help keep track of supply. This innovative layered security strategy is not limited to chemical companies and can be utilized by any market. 

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