At TydenBrooks, we pride ourselves on being the market leaders for security seals and products for 145 years, but what makes us even more proud is the journey we took to get here. We carry a rich legacy that involves the evolution of a great idea. It also involves the melding of many great companies (and names) in security that came together to make TydenBrooks what it is today. What follows is the story of how a lead-toy company, bought by E.J. Brooks in 1873, went on to become the most trusted and largest provider of security seals and products in the world.  


The Beginning  


In 1870, only five years after the ending of the Civil War, a young entrepreneur named Edward Jewett Brooks, age 23, purchased a small lead-toy manufacturer and renamed it E.J. Brooks and Company. Three years later E.J. Brooks took the company in a new direction, transitioning from lead-toy production to security seals. At this time, he patented his first security seal design for the new company. Over the next 100 years, the company designed and patented numerous new security seals and also introduced the industry’s first plastic security seals. Hybrid and fully plastic seals would go on to change the world of security seals. Though the company tried their hand at various other ventures, such as selling feed and grain, security seals remained their main focus.  



In 1898, another company named Tyden was founded in the United States. They quickly became a leader in transportation and freight security solutions to the railroad and shipping industries. Like E.J. Brooks and Company, Tyden prided themselves in the production quality of security seals and developed an impressive catalog over the next 100 years.


Coming Together

Both E.J. Brooks & Co. (now commonly called Brooks) and Tyden continued to evolve over the years, braving their way through multiple economic hardships, including the Great Depression. The Brooks Company rose to importance during WWII when their lead and wire security seal was used to secure Allied and American Forces ammunition boxes.

In 1997, nearly a century after Tyden was founded it merged with the company Brammall who, at the time, was the supplier of the broadest line of security seals and locks to the transportation industry. This strategic merger created TydenBrammall. Years later, in 2005, TydenBrammall was the industry’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of barrier and indicative cargo seals and devices. They decided on a new brand, Tyden Security Products, and our legacy grew.


In 2009, E.J. Brooks & Co. was the leader of plastics-based indicative seals and utilities security solutions. It was at this time that the biggest merger of our history took place as E.J. Brooks & Co. merged with Tyden Security Solutions to form the TydenBrooks Security Products Groupyou know and trust to this day. At the forefront of the security industry, this merger elevated TydenBrooks Security Products Group (SPG) to the global leaders of security solutions. Now the combined experience of the merged companies totaled over 300 years.


In October 2010, TydenBrooks SPG merged with Stoffel Seals Corporation and Canada Mayer. Collectively these were the industry’s second-leading manufacturer of metals-based logistics security seals for over 40 years. Stoffel also added new non-security seal solutions to TydenBrooks’ catalog such as name badges and packing enhancements.




A Lasting Legacy


Through the years TydenBrooks  has grown from a family owned and operated business to the world leader in the security seal market, but it all began with an idea and determination. Innovation, high quality products and hard work allowed all of these companies to grow and join together to form the legacy that is TydenBrooks. We continue to evolve and innovate new ideas and new security solutions for our customers. We also continue to provide the highest quality products in the industry and we continue to work with the same hard work and determination E.J. Brooks had when he first started in his lead-toy factory 145 years ago. These factors come together with our strong commitment to customer service and peace of mind solutions to form our unbeatable reputation as we continue “leading the way, securing the world.”


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.