Transporting merchandise between a warehouse and a retail shop leaves a company vulnerable to theft and damage, and exposes them to the risk of retail containers being tampered with. Lightweight, flexible totes are used regularly to transport merchandise. The challenge is in keeping the contents secure throughout the process.
Properly sealing the tote insures the deliveries of the contents are intact. The right tote seal protects the tote contents from all but theft of the entire tote. Additionally, the right tote seal should meet a minimum set of requirements:

  • Easy to attach at the pickup site and remove at the receiving dock
  • Identification numbers placed onto the tote seal that are easy to read and will not wear off
  • Available in identical pairs to fully secure the tote contents at both ends
  • Easy to detect tampering with the seals or ID numbers
Gemini Tote Seal

The Gemini Tote Seal is a container seal which meets these requirements and provides the security needed during retail merchandise transport. It is a fixed-length plastic seal that comes in pairs and is easy to attach quickly to both ends of a tote with no additional tools. Since totes require two container seals to be properly secured, the Gemini Tote Security Seal is always manufactured in "twin" sets with identical numbers. At the receiving end, the seals can be quickly inspected for signs of tampering, such as someone trying to stretch or cut the seal. Once satisfied with the integrity of the tote, the seals can easily be removed by the receiving party.

Gemini Tote Seal

This seal is a one-piece plastic design with a tamper-resistant locking mechanism. Any attempt at removing the seal is easily noticeable. It's thin, flat design allows it to be used on most retail totes. The identification numbers cannot be altered or removed without being noticed.
One doesn't know when a tote leaves a warehouse, how many or what type of people may come into contact with it. Using tote seals decreases the risk of theft or damage to the contents. Any such tampering translates into dollars lost by the retail company. There is even potential liability to the retailer should the contents be special order items or health related. Money spent on quality seals is justified by having merchandise received safely.

The Gemini Tote Seal is a type of container seal.  Container seals are door seals that are put on international shipping containers once a shipment is loaded. This seal is meant to stay on through to the container's final destination and is removed by the consignee.
The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch claims that in 2011, U.S. retail lost more than $35 billion due to theft. Reduce your risks by using commercial tote seals made to keep your merchandise safe in transit. Don't rely on luck or a homemade container seal solution. Make sure your merchandise is secure whether it's being moved locally or thousands of miles away.