TydenBrooks Brings the Most to Their Distributors



TydenBrooks, the global leader in security seals and solutions, not only works one on one with customers to create and apply quality multi-layered security solutions, but also provide distribution partners with products to supply smaller to midsize companies. From having in-depth knowledge about security seals and solutions to having the largest product base across the board, TydenBrooks is able to work with distributors to provide customers with top-of-the-line products and solutions.


The Distribution Process


Over the years, the way customers go about ordering their security seals has changed. Whereas before, a company may have had a security or loss prevention department that worked with TydenBrooks directly to place orders, now many have streamlined the process and may combine it with the order of other needed products. This is where distributors come into play. Through distributors, customers are able to order their security seals along with any other industry products they may need, such as safety equipment or other warehouse supplies.


Distributors work with companies, such as TydenBrooks, to provide the distributor with the products that they can then sell to customers. This makes it important for distributors to know and trust their distribution partners; and know the products they are receiving are quality, dependable products that will be in stock when a customer needs them. Experience, quality, and customer service make TydenBrooks an ideal partner for distributors who supply customers with security products and solutions.


What Sets TydenBrooks Apart


In working with TydenBrooks, distributors are able to get the broadest line of products not just at a macro level, meaning types of seals and products, but also at the micro-level, meaning the broadest selection within those types. For instance, TydenBrooks has the biggest catalog of indicative seals, barrier seals, and high-security seals. This is a factor that puts TydenBrooks way ahead of competitors as each seal and product is created with a specific solution in mind. This makes TydenBrooks the industry resource for any of a distributor customer's needs, and this is why TydenBrooks should be the go-to for security seals and solutions.


It is important that distributors know TydenBrooks is not just the manufacturer of these products, but also the designers. Each product has been designed and engineered for a reason, which means TydenBrooks has products that haven't been covered by other seal manufacturers and could be ideal solutions for certain customers. These products were developed as the result of market demand for these types of solutions, making them relevant, important, and useful additions to multi-layered security strategies.


Innovation, Experience, and Customer Service


TydenBrooks has 146 years of experience in security seals and solutions, making us the global leader in knowledge and expertise when it comes to security solutions. We are the ideal partner for distributors as the TydenBrooks’ customer support and sales teams can provide quality information and recommendations for customers looking for specific solutions to their security needs. TydenBrooks is also strongly focused on innovation; and continues to release new products and solutions to evolving market demands. Their latest track and trace GPS/GMS Geobolt™ high-security seal, a new line of tamper-evident security bags, and VuBolt bolt seal have all been released in 2019 and provide top-of-the-line solutions to evolving security needs.


TydenBrooks also focuses on customer service and satisfaction. When it comes to working with distributors, we strive always to provide optimum lead times and product availability so customers can rely on our products when they need them. This is made possible by many of our products being manufactured domestically and at high volumes, making them available on-demand. Customization is also available to customers who may need specific numbering sequences or other customizable features we offer on our security seals.


In order to provide for our smaller to midsized customers, our distributors are able to offer TydenBrooks products at smaller quantities than are usually available if they were to order direct. This makes it convenient for customers who may not need a high number of our seals at a time but still want the top-quality security our products offer. With this focus on customer needs and satisfaction, our distributors know that by working with TydenBrooks, they will be able to provide their customers with the solutions they need and the experience to back it.


World-Class Innovation 


TydenBrooks stands out among the rest when it comes to innovation, experience, knowledge, and customer service. We have many long-term employees that have been with the company for over 20 years who are experts when it comes to creating these strategies. They are always willing to sit down with our customers to develop the programs that work best for your supply chain. Our central U.S. plants are located in Tallapoosa, Georgia, and Angola, Indiana; and offer many products locally, so you get it fast and know the quality is high.

We offer tours of our plants and facilities; so that our customers can see first-hand what we do and how these products work to protect their reputation and their supply chains. To us, relationships are the most important aspect of our business, and we will always work with you and your company to develop and maintain these relationships. We are ready to listen and meet all challenges that arise to keep your supply chains secure and safe.

Contact us at 1-800-458-SEAL or info@tydenbrooks.com to discuss how we can help protect your supply chain with the right layered security strategy. Since 1873, we have been creating customized solutions for almost every industry, for companies around the world. We look forward to working with you to develop the most effective strategies and tactics to meet your evolving security needs.


Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and has been with the company for 18 years. He has received many honors and awards for sales team excellence and performance, including 5-time President's Club Honors for Sales Excellence.