According to an Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response (EHCR) study, approximately $23 billion is spent on the U.S. healthcare supply chain annually.   Streamlining processes, standardizing supply chain programs, and deploying supply chain technologies will drive efficiencies and can eliminate approximately $11 billion in costs.


Transportation is a direct factor of these costs from the production plant to a regional distribution center, then as outbound freight to the wholesaler/distribution receiving and warehouse operations. The wholesalers/distributors then process the orders and transport the shipments to the care provider, all the while continuing to manage the inventory and securing the supply chain.


It is essential that supply chains for healthcare are secured to protect not only healthcare companies and providers but the general public as well. TydenBrooks uses our extensive knowledge and innovation to overcome these challenges and protect the healthcare companies bottom-line and the general public alike.  TydenBrooks has 146 years of experience in creating and implementing security products and strategies, and we understand the specific needs of each industry.  


The complexity of the healthcare supply chain creates some key pain points that really stand out.



Theft. Pilferage. Contamination. Damage.


Like other industries, both internal and external theft and pilferage are significant issues that affect the industry and their bottom-line. In the healthcare Industry, the risk of theft and pilferage is high due to the associated consumer cost of many of the products and the ability for bad actors to quickly unload stolen goods for profit.


There are additional risks when it comes to pharmaceutical products being sold in the streets with no oversight. These products have a high likelihood of becoming contaminated due to improper storage and expiration. This puts the manufacturer/shipper and well as the healthcare providers at risk because it is their responsibility to make sure these products are not tampered with or stolen.



The TydenBrooks Solution



Our new ISO 17712 certified GeoBolt™ is the best option for preventing theft and pilferage, especially for the healthcare industry. With the GeoBolt™, you have superior track and trace capabilities, being able to monitor position with GPS as well as having tamper alerts that will notify you of any unwanted tampering.


Our RFID security seals allow for the quick count and data collection of inventories using radio-frequency identification. We have RFID options in our bolt seal, cable seal, and plastic seal.


Other security seal options include our high-security barrier seals such as our Flexsecure, EZ Loc, and Snaptracker as well as our Sealock products (Sealock SL, Sealock SL-C).


For internal security, our new indicative padlock seal, the HL-6, which has 1D, 2D, and QR code marking capabilities,  and our indicative adjustable seals such as our All-Seals and Equiloks can secure totes, cabinets, and pouches. These can be combined with our security tapes and labels for effective multilayered security strategies.




A unique factor of healthcare supply chains is that they require a high level of monitoring from the origin of the products to the final destination. This supply chain monitoring process is the second-biggest expense that healthcare providers have.


One major part of this is the importance of overnight shipping. In the medical field, often supplies and products are needed suddenly and quickly in emergencies, and this leads to a need to be able to monitor where these products are going and how long they will take to get there.


Another major challenge with healthcare products such as medicines is contamination. Many of these products must be kept at a controlled temperature. If truck doors are opened too often or left opened this can quickly cause contamination and loss of product. All of these visibility aspects will ultimately affect the companies bottom-line if too many losses or contaminations occur.


The TydenBrooks Solution


Again, our new GeoBolt™ is the best solution for track and trace that provides 24/7 monitoring of a shipment. Shippers and receivers can track through the GPS system exactly where cargo is at any given time. Also, if a door has opened, an alert will be sent so that it can be addressed if there is a risk of contamination or if the door should not be opened. The exact location of tampering or contamination can then be recorded, and the situation addressed immediately.


Our RFID bolt, cable, and plastic seals can also be used to keep track of inventory and quickly count product. These options can then be combined with our other security solutions such as our indicative plastic seals (HL-6, All-Seal, Equilock), tamper-evident security bags, and tapes and labels to increase the effectiveness of your security strategy.



These track and trace (GeoBolt™, RFID, 1D, 2D, QR Codes) solutions can also help with proper disposal techniques allowing a provider to make sure the process is carried out according to proper protocol. This again reduces the risk of expired or contaminated products making their way back onto the streets, which can be dangerous to the public and the healthcare providers alike.  


Lack of Supply Chain Integration

Healthcare practices, facilities, and hospitals are becoming more consolidated. Health systems are growing, merging, and acquiring. As this happens, supply chains within these siloed yet merged organizations remain separate. Healthcare providers now more than ever need to address this because inconsistency between these supply chains will negatively impact the bottom line. Integration allows healthcare providers/organizations to gain a bird’s-eye view of their operations, and to optimize their supply chain processes ensuring they get the most return on their expenditures.


Hidden Supply Chain Costs

Another challenge that healthcare providers face is the hidden costs of every product. Most wholesalers and distributors have historically just looked at the product cost and the shipping cost. But there are additional expenses, such as inventory holding. Providers need to plan their budget around total landed supply costs. They need to be aware of the losses they will incur from the unavoidable aspect of excess supplies, along with expired products and their proper disposal. This means using technologies that provide real-time track and trace for their supply chains, both externally and internal distribution including the costs associated with moving and managing supplies. (Fulfilment centers)


Overnight Shipping (Just in Time)

In the healthcare industry, there is no debate about the necessity of overnight shipping. Unexpected situations occur, and hospitals have a responsibility to address them—no matter the cost. While one or two overnight orders will not have a detrimental impact on a provider’s bottom line when this regularly occurs—as it inevitably will—providers will start seeing significant losses in their revenues.  Again, with better inventory and track and trace solutions, providers have the ability to mitigate their  overnight shipping costs that are caused by stock-outs and lack of visibility.


TydenBrooks Protects Healthcare


TydenBrooks can cover all facets of the healthcare supply chain security requirements as it relates to track and trace. Now, with RFID and GSM (Global System Mobile) technology solutions, we can create greater efficiencies in the areas of visibility and real-time tracking. This combined with a strong, multilayered security strategy will significantly help bottom-line, protect the relationships and reputations of healthcare providers, and better protect the consumer.


We work hand in hand with customers to make sure we provide the security solutions that are right for them. The supply chain can become a costly part of the process for the healthcare industry, but by implementing these effective track and trace security solutions, this cost can be reduced.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage, and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.