Prior to merging with TydenBrooks in October 2010, Stoffel Seals Corporation was a major name in the packing enhancement and name badge industry. Stoffel Seals Corporation began as a family run company in 1941 in Tuckahoe, New York. The company was started by three European brothers, one of which eventually moved to the United States and opened the Stoffel manufacturing facility in New York. Because the Stoffel facility had significant plastic injection molding capabilities, they were able to enter the security Industry, developing a line of plastic tamper evident security seals. Stoffel would continue to grow over the years and significantly expand their product lines.


Prestige Packing Enhancements


Stoffel eventually began to ask what else they could make out of molded plastic, and this question led to the development of their Prestige division and their name badge division. The Prestige division develops seals and medallions for high end merchandise in markets such as wine and spirits; fine jewelry; luxury clothing; fragrance and candles; and bath and body products. These days, their biggest clients in this division are wine and spirits; where they provide custom branding pieces that enhance packaging, denote value, and provide a unique presentation.


Stoffel Name Badges


Stoffel’s name badge division provides classic, custom, full color, window, and laminate name badges to companies. These name badges, like the prestige products, provide companies with unique branding opportunities and help employees form strong and lasting customer relationships. Custom and cost-effective name badges are an easy way to establish brand identity. Stoffel even creates lapel pins and the fun plastic badges and plastic wings that police officers, fire stations, and pilots give to children during school visits or flights, which they fondly call “fuzz badges.”


Customization and Creativity


Customization and creativity are what set Stoffel apart from any other company. “Customers are really happy when they find us, a company that can take on these customizing tasks, and our team loves creative challenges,” said Product Manager, Tina Haskell. Both the Prestige items and the name badges have a level of customizability, so customers can decide if they want a simple, traditional,  or a more unique look. Seals and medallions can take on forms such as mock wax seals, engraved metal plating, or shaped plastic with ribbon accents to name a few. Name badges can be traditional, oval, or rectangle shape with the logo printed on; or have a non-traditional cut. Badges are designed to fit the customer’s unique brand identity.


Coming Together


Stoffel eventually moved their headquarters from New York to Atlanta, Georgia. In 2010, they merged with the global leader in security seals and solutions, TydenBrooks. This allowed them to add their Prestige and name badge lines to the extensive catalog of security solutions offered by TydenBrooks. Two well-known, established, and trusted brands in the industry came together, bringing their collective experience to nearly 200 years. Some of the machinery used in the Tallapoosa, Georgia plant today is the original machinery that was built by hand and used in the plants in New York in 1941.


Stoffel and TydenBrooks shared many of the same qualities that it made their merger not only seamless but also the perfect marriage of two leading brands. Both companies focus on customer solutions and preventing loss.  In addition, Stoffel provides companies with employee identification as well as products that enhanced their Prestige Image. Both companies work hand in hand with the customer; to make sure the customer receives what they need and are satisfied with the results. Two companies with strong, trusted brands that have come together to offer a one-stop-shop for their customers; offering high-quality security solutions and high- quality employee identification and Prestige packaging enhancements. The two have even combined their strengths, and recently released a RFID security name badge that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to grant access to buildings, increasing site security.


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.


Tricia Arton is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tyden Group which includes TydenBrooks Security Products Group and Telesis. She has over 25 years of brand management, marketing, innovation, and market research experience with some of the world’s top brands.