One of the largest industries in the world is the food and beverage industry. The global food and beverage industry is growing at around 5% a year, and consumer spending on food and beverage products is expected to reach $20 trillion by 2030. With being such a large industry comes many challenges that must be met. In 2018, food and beverage were the topmost targeted commodities in North America, amounting to 34 percent of cargo theft. This is due to high demand and easy turnaround on these products, meaning once stolen, they can be resold quickly and very rarely traced.


Theft can take the form of full load, in which an entire shipment is stolen; less-than-full load, in which part of a shipment is stolen; or pilferage, in which pieces are stolen from within the shipment, such as one box or product from within a tote. All of these can be detrimental to a food and beverage company; because even if only pilferage occurs, an entire shipment can be rejected due to contamination. Theft and resale can also be dangerous for the public, as bad actors seldom have the greater good in mind and will often not keep stolen goods in sanitary or temperature-controlled conditions, putting consumer safety at risk.


TydenBrooks has a long history of working with food and beverage companies to secure and protect their supply chains, bottom line, and reputations. We work to develop strong, multilayered security strategies and innovate new security solutions to protect these supply chains. Our extensive catalog of security seals and solutions includes top-of-the-line track and trace GPS and RFID options that take security to the next level. With a rich 146-year history, we have unbeatable experience in creating successful security strategies to protect supply chains around the world.


Multilayered Security in Food and Beverage


When it comes to supply chain security for any industry, a multilayered security strategy is the most effective in providing protection. For food and beverage supply chains, this is a crucial strategy to have in place. Using different TydenBrooks products together strengthens the security and dramatically lessens the risk of tampering, theft, pilferage, or contamination. The complexity of food and beverage supply chains can make them vulnerable to such attacks as it is challenging to keep visibility each step of the way.


Top Layer: High-Security Seals


Our new GeoBolt™ is the ultimate choice in track and trace security, as it provides 24/7 coverage, reporting, and alerts while also providing high-security ISO 17712: 2013 certified protection. The GeoBolt™ is also C-TPAT compliant, which makes it flexible for local, national, cross-border, and international shipments. This security seal uses GPS tracking and GSM network communication, so you will always know where a shipment is, as well as real-time tamper evident alerts in case your shipment is compromised along the way.


In addition to the GeoBolt™ track and trace technology seal, our RFID bolt and cable seals are also good ISO 17712: 2013 and C-TPAT high-security options that allow for information storage and marking capabilities. RFID seals can be quickly scanned by handheld readers or by static gateways that trucks pass through. Both the GeoBolt™ and RFID cable and bolt seals are ideal for truck and trailer doors, containers, and boxcar doors. These options significantly improve visibility and reduce the time needed for cargo checking while protecting from unwanted tampering and contamination of food and beverage shipments.


TydenBrooks offers an extensive catalog of high-security bolt and cable seals that can also be used as the top layer of a successful multilayered strategy. Our bolt seals such as our SnapTracker, Flex Bolt, and Global Auto Loc and our cable seals such as our EZ Loc and FlexSecure seals can be used to secure food and beverage shipments. All high-security seals require special tools to remove; making quick theft near impossible. This deters many bad actors who are usually looking for a fast snatch and run.


Many of these seals have marking capabilities allowing for 1D, 2D, and QR codes that hold identifying information and also deter replication. This allows food and beverage companies to improve their multilayered security strategies by adding additional information to their security protocol. Marking capabilities also help with organization, taking inventory, and keeping track of supply. It can also help avoid contamination by allowing storing of handling information, such as temperature requirements and shipping dates.


Middle Layer: Indicative Security Seals


Before the truck, rail car, or container doors have been secured with high-security seals, the cargo within also needs to be secured and able to be easily tracked and inventoried. This is where our indicative security seals come into play. These are seals that act as deterrents as opposed to preventative, meaning they do not physically prevent intrusion but are tamper evident to show when a product has been tampered with. 


Food and beverage products are unique in the fact that they do not have serial numbers or identifying markers once they have been removed from packaging. This makes tracing them after they have been stolen impossible, unlike electronics which can be located via serial numbers. This fact makes securing the packaging they are in all the more critical. Indicative seals can be used to seal and secure your cargo within the transport such as totes, boxes, crates, or barrels.


Our RFID security solution is also available in a RFID plastic tamper-evident seal. This allows for the ease of inventory counting and organization with information storage for specific items. When it comes to food and beverage product, sometimes quickness is vital to prevent spoilage, or other contamination. RFID seals make counting and recording inventory as simple as waving a handheld “wand” within range, and all seals will be counted and uploaded to the company data system. This allows a shipment to be processed and moved along in a much shorter amount of time.


Like with our high-security seals, there is an extensive catalog when it comes to indicative seals. For totes and cartons, our adjustable tamper-evident plastic seals such as our All Seal, Equilok, and Tug Tight can be used. These seals can also be marked with laser-etched barcoding or individually numbered and stamped with company name or logo. This helps track product and allows visible tamper evidence.


Final Layer: Security Bags, Tapes, and Labels


The final layer of the multilayered security strategy for food and beverage is tamper evident tapes, labels, and security bags. These can be used to provide further tamper evidence for a product packed into boxes that are then placed in totes. Security labels can also be used on truck and trailer doors to give more tamper evidence. Security tapes and labels can be customized and show void when opened, making pilferage visible. Some food and beverage products may need to be transported in bags, in which our plastic security bags can be used and sealed with our plastic bag seals to provide the same level of tamper evidence as our tote or box seals.


Securing the World


When it comes to food and beverage, security and safety is most important. Having a strong, multilayered security strategy can prevent theft, pilferage, contamination, and ultimately avoid huge losses for your company. It also goes a long way in protecting the general public from foodborne illnesses and can protect your brand and reputation. With our new track and trace and RFID security options, visibility has never been better for your food and beverage supply chain. If a refrigerated truck door is opened, you will be alerted immediately with our GeoBolt™ and can address the situation. If theft or pilferage occurs along your supply chain, you can pinpoint when and where it took place allowing for better investigation.


TydenBrooks prides itself on experience and dedication to security and safety. It is our goal to prevent theft and tampering while protecting your company and the public. Food and beverage is the most at risk industry of theft and pilferage and must take the necessary steps to prevent it. Allow us to work with you to address your specific needs and make sure you can rest easy knowing your food and beverage supply chain is secured.


TydenBrooks is the leading manufacturer of premium and C-TPAT compliant high-security barrier, plastic, and metal indicative security seals for use on rail cars, auto vaults, container doors, truck doors, tote boxes, and cash bags during logistic activities. With a full line of loss prevention security seals, self-voiding labels, tamper-evident tape and locking devices, including real-time electronic tracking seals, it's simple to select, order, and supply the right solution, whether shipping coast-to-coast or internationally @


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Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and has been with the company for 18 years. He has received many honors and awards for sales team excellence and performance including 5-time President’s Club Honors for Sales Excellence.