TydenBrooks manufactures a range of cable and bolt style security seals that have been tested and rated High Security by independent testing laboratories certified to the ISO 17712:2010 standard for mechanical seals on freight containers.  The international standard was published in September 2010, and  Annex B explains that it will take full effect 18 months from publication, which is March 2012.

The two major changes from the previous version of the standard is the requirement for the diameter of the steel lock body and bolt head must be a minimum of 18mm.  For bolt seals using a plastic covering, the cover must be removed to measure the steel underneath.  No changes were made to the dimensions of cable seals, seals rated High Security to the 2006 tests will remain High Security under the 2010 testing.

The second new requirement for cable and bolt seals is that they undergo tamper testing at a laboratory certified to do ISO 17712:2010 physical testing.  As TydenBrooks continues to work with other seal manufacturers and users of High Security seals in developing this standard, we know of no laboratory in the world certified or willing to do these tamper tests.  Current work is progressing within the Technical Committee for Freight containers to address this, and we will share any revisions when available.

A variety of cable and bolt seals are available today that meet current requirements and we invite customers to contact us about their specific needs and applications.
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