TydenBrooks, the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of security seals is proud to announce that they have released two new products as part of their layered security solutions.

The new Quick Loc 1.0 is a 1mm diameter cable seal used in small aperature applications where larger diameter seals might not work but still require the security of a barrier seal. The Quick Loc 1.0 uses galvanized cable attached to an aluminum lock body to secure applications such as cash bags, drums, hard cases, totes or valves. These seals are laser marked with sequential numbering for traceability, they can also be barcoded upon request.

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Quick Loc 1.0

TydenBrooks is also proud to announce the launch of their Flex Bolt seal. This seal combines the security of a bolt seal with the flexibility and safety of a large diameter cable seal. Combining fixed length and locking mechanisms of a bolt seal this overmolded cable and locking body functions to secure and easily identify your shipments, while the cable portion of these seals prevents shearing of the bolt. These seals are laser marked and can be barcoded to customer specifications. Packaged with the locking mechanism and lock body attached to reduce human error, these seals are the latest in a long line of security innovations from TydenBrooks.

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Flex Bolt

TydenBrooks, celebrating their 145th anniversary this year, is an American based global company headquartered in Atlanta, GA that specializes in the manufacture of tamper evident security seals and is “Leading the way, Securing the world.