TydenBrooks has a rich 146-year history and a part of that are the many outstanding employees that have contributed to make the company what it is today. One such employee is TydenBrooks’ Director of North American Sales and Marketing, Jeremy Westcott.


In the Beginning



Westcott began his journey with TydenBrooks in 2001 when it was still E.J. Brooks and Company. This was before the big merger between TydenBrammall and E.J. Brooks and Company in 2009 that would create the TydenBrooks we know today. Learn more about TydenBrooks’ amazing history here.  


“Out of university I realized I had a general interest in transportation, the flow of goods and supply chains,” Westcott said. “When I realized I could help protect that, protecting the food on our tables and the products in our homes as well as help the companies supplying these goods, I knew it was an amazing opportunity. “


After graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Westcott was working in logistics and saw an opening at E.J. Brooks and Company. He became attracted to the rich inspirational history of the company and its founder.


“The humble beginnings of a prosperous lead toy manufacturer then expanding to the railroad, utilities, and different industries and continuing to expand to the leader of security seals, that’s what drew me in right there,” Westcott said. “Not every company can show nearly 150 years of such strong transformation, we worked with the Pony Express, it is quite historical. How could you not want to be a part of a company with that type of history?”


Growing Over Time


Now, in 2019, Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and September of this year marks his 18th anniversary with the company. He has received many honors and awards for sales team excellence and performance including 5-time President’s Club Honors for Sales Excellence.


As Director of North American Sales and Marketing, Westcott’s goals include increasing sales and improving efficiency while helping the customer secure their supply lines. He works hand in hand with employees developing playbooks and conducting trainings to make sure the sales teams have all they need to be most efficient.


“Essentially, for my new role now in working both sides (sales and marketing) I would say my key goals are to increase deal conversions, improve buyer engagement and drive an alignment of sales and marketing.” Westcott said.


Westcott continues to love his job with TydenBrooks as much as he did when he first began. There are many aspects that keep him dedicated to his job and to the TydenBrooks brand.


“I really love the passion the employees have and the knowledge that has been carried forward,” Westcott said. “Also, how dedicated people are who want to make a change every day, we really have a great culture here.”


On a personal level, Westcott enjoys being able to help companies and commerce while also helping the public and keeping people safe. He really appreciates the sharing culture, the great environment and that the “door is always open” to ideas and contributions. This allows TydenBrooks to really make a difference every day.


TydenBrooks: Always Moving Forward


Being with the company for 18 years, Westcott has had the chance to be a part of many of TydenBrooks’ success stories. This includes working with the world’s largest online retailer in 2015 to set up a national North American agreement (including Canada and Mexico). Through this agreement TydenBrooks would supply these markets with cable seals such as the EZ Loc Plus and bolt seals such as the SnapTracker in addition to plastic truck seals. They were also the first client TydenBrooks did 2D barcoding for which helps with their tracking and shipping processes. You can learn more about 2D barcoding here.


But, the biggest success of TydenBrooks to Westcott is the way the company has handled mergers and come out on top. Mergers are not simple affairs for companies, and some do not make it through, but the E.J. Brooks and Company and TydenBrammall merger was a major success.  


“Mergers are extremely challenging, and it took a lot of hard work,” Westcott said. “It was great the way we came through it and how hard we all battled together to make the company what it is now. We did it right, and to me, that is the company’s greatest success story.”


Since the big merger of E.J. Brooks and Company and TydenBrammall, TydenBrooks also merged with Stoffel Seals Corporation and Canada Mayer in 2010, providing TydenBrooks with additional non-security seal solutions such as name badges and packing enhancements.



Professional Advice


With 18 years in the industry, Westcott has developed advice that he gives to all of his customers, the strongest of which is using multilayered security strategies. This involves using multiple security products at different levels of the supply chain in order to strengthen the security of the supply chain as much as possible. You can learn more about multilayered security here.


“It’s simple, you always need to secure your cargo in a layered security approach,” Westcott said. “If you secure only one aspect, such as only securing your trucks, you are basically opening the door to attacks in different areas of the supply chain.”


Westcott makes it a point to inform not only the customers of this, but the sales team as well so they have the knowledge to make sure each customer uses a high level of layered security tailored to their needs.


When it comes to TydenBrooks’ sales employees, his biggest advice is to form strong long-term relationships with customers. According to Westcott, the key to this is genuinely listening to the customer instead of simply trying to sell to them.


“Be their partner, document their challenges and work with them towards the solutions,” Westcott said. “Their time is valuable, so it is important to get in and listen, give them solution options and let them drive the solutions.”


Relationships between sales and customers are important no matter the size of the company and these strong bonds have attributed to TydenBrooks leading the global industry in security seals. Read more about our customer success stories here.


Looking to the Future


One big aspect that makes TydenBrooks a global leader is their ability for customization as well as innovation. They are able to change with the times and take on new challenges and find solutions. Companies can come to TydenBrooks with a specific problem and they will work to make sure it is solved. Everything from making a new or modified product for a customer to building machines that make products for new problems, TydenBrooks goes above and beyond to deliver what the customer needs to secure their supply chains. Read more about TydenBrooks being at the forefront of innovation here.


“My hopes for the future are the same as right now, that we continue doing what we’re doing and focusing on innovation,” Westcott said. “We are integrating new emerging technologies into our products making our solutions more effective for our customers, we are getting better all the time.”


With laser barcoding, 2D barcoding, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) emerging in the technology space, TydenBrooks is continuously finding new ways to innovate and use these new systems to support a changing world. These products are making it safer and more efficient for supply chains and harder for bad actors who look to cause harm. You can learn more about how TydenBrooks protects from major threats to your supply chain here.


“(At TydenBrooks) we have fun, we also get down to business and help our customers, but we have fun doing it,” Westcott said. “It is rewarding when you are helping customers and partners develop these solutions to help their organization.”


For more information or to discuss your unique security needs and challenges, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.