Led by truck and rail modes of transport in 2017; the United States, Mexico, and Canada shipped over $1.2 trillion of products cross-border making it the most in the world. The scale of materials and finished products moving across each country’s borders makes for a complex multi-layered cargo enforcement strategy by customs, but it also requires particular security standards and regulations for a security seal manufacturer. Our high security seals and layered security solutions go above and beyond to protect our customers supply chains as well as the consumer.


ISO 17712 and C-TPAT


After the tragedy of 9/11 in 2001, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) formed and is led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The CBP works with the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and to improve border security. Our security seals play a significant role in C-TPAT's multi-layer approach. As such, our security products are rigorously tested at an ISO 17025 laboratory where a conformance certificate is provided when it meets and/or exceeds the ISO 17712:2013 standard.


ISO (International Organization of Standardization) applies to security seals with its 17712 documents outlining the product testing and security related business practices as delineated in the Normative Annex A. This document establishes "uniform procedures for the classification, acceptance, and withdrawal of mechanical freight container seals. It provides a single source of information on mechanical seals which are acceptable for securing freight containers in international commerce."


These standards require testing of the physical strength, the tamper evident features, and auditing the manufacturer's security-related business processes (ISO 9001). TydenBrooks' high-security barrier seals meet all of these standards and are ISO 17712:2013 certified for use in cross-border transport. If security seals and measures are not compliant with these standards, it could affect relationships between the company and border crossing authorities. To protect our customers and consumers, we make sure all of our high security barrier seals are ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant. 


Our ISO and C-TPAT Certified Seals


Cross-border shipments are transported by truck and rail both of which make use of our security seals to create high-quality multi-layered security strategies. ISO 17712 certified high-security barrier seals such as our Snaptracker, Flex Bolt, and Fortified hardened bolt can be applied to secure truck and railcar doors against unwanted intrusion and tampering. ISO 17712:2013 certified high security cable seals such as our Flexsecure FS35 and Flexsecure FS50 are predominantly used for securing doors hasps, keeper bars, and tanker lids.



By combining our high-security barrier and cable seals with our full line of indicative adjustable plastic seals (Secure-Grip, Tug Tight, All Seal, and Equilok) a reliable multi-layered security program can be Implemented and protect your assets during cross-border transit. By adding additional layers with security bags, tamper evident tapes and labels you can further reduce your risk of attack, learn more about multi-layered security strategies here.


How Marking Increases Supply Chain Security



To add another layer to a successful multi-layered strategy, TydenBrooks offers high security laser marking options for our seals. All these security seals can be laser marked with name/logo, 1D, 2D, QR barcodes, and come standard with serialized numbering to facilitate the track and trace of your cargo from point A to B. You can learn more about our innovative 2D barcoding process here.


Our Snaptracker bolt seal uses dual marking meaning they are marked on the actual bolt and the locking body. Dual marking dramatically helps reduce the likelihood of counterfeit bolts being used to hide tampering. Our hardened bolts have serial numbers cold stamped and/or are directly laser marked which makes it impossible for replicating. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to do in house laser marking, so it saves our customers time and money.


Marking also helps customers by identifying what point tampering takes place exposing   pilferage, contraband, and theft. Marking goes a long way in protecting a company's bottom line and to reduce shrinkage while keeping track of inventory numbers. With sensitive products, such as food, marking helps prevent or detect contamination and can store important handling data.


Closed-Loop System Protection


Much cross-border shipping is part of a closed-loop supply chain. Closed-Loop is geared mostly toward the rail shipping aspect as trains go back and forth along the same line bringing raw materials and finished goods both ways. With a closed-loop supply strategy, our ISO certified security seals are applied to rail cars and trucks and the receivers on the other end have the appropriate custom TydenBrooks removal tools to cut the high security seals. Having these barrier seals in place creates an immediate deterrent and prevents unwanted tampering along the supply chain by making it near impossible for anyone outside the closed-loop from being able to remove them.



Tanker trucks that carry goods cross-border also use our security seals. Many of these tankers must be sanitized and cleaned upon unloading their product. Our plastic seals and cable seals can then be used to signal that these tankers remain clean as they travel back to pick up a new shipment. These seals prevent contamination of sensitive goods by making sure sanitation does not get compromised along the route.


In Conclusion


TydenBrooks has 146 years of experience in creating successful multi-layered security strategies for supply chains. Cross-border trade is a significant business in the United States, and with an increase in security precautions, we have gone above and beyond to innovate solutions that meet and excel these requirements. Different markets face different challenges, and we work with our customers to find solutions based on their specific challenges and needs. We pride ourselves in quality, innovation, experience and customer relationships. We want to make sure your supply chains are safe and secure for cross-border transport.


For more information or to discuss your unique transportation security needs, contact TydenBrooks at 1-800-458-SEAL or via email at info@tydenbrooks.com. We look forward to helping you prevent theft, pilferage, and tampering while ensuring the secure movement of finished goods and raw materials by your company and partners.