The airline industry is a billion-dollar industry with the 2019 outlook by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of $28 billion profit for the global air transport industry. The North American carriers contribute the strongest financial performance with a $15 billion profit, up from $14.5 billion in 2018. 2019 will be the tenth consecutive year in the black for the airline industry. However, despite its financial success, global leaders in the aviation industry recently identified managing the supply chain and its security as one of the biggest challenges to the industry in the years to come.


TydenBrooks has vast experience in these areas and works closely with airline and aviation partners to build the best possible supply chain security programs for their global operations. We have developed custom security seals and solutions for the airline industry. As the airline industry grows, it faces many challenges with regards to securing their global operations. The industry must ensure the safety of its passengers, equipment, and the goods that are transported; which in many instances also includes air cargo. Many of these supply chain security concerns are attributed to ground, catering, and inflight security. Air cargo security is also a concern due to the TSA cargo screening program known as the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP).


Catering Operations Security


An airline's food catering operation is one of the most complex logistical supply chains of any industry. Each flight, thousands of items are loaded onto a plane; and they all need to be transferred onboard securely and promptly. Among these items are catering carts and "buy-on-board" food that will be dispensed during the flight. TydenBrooks' tamper-evident security seals are used on this airline equipment as visual indicators to show that a catering cart has not been opened during its transfer from the catering facility to the plane and throughout the loading process. Serial numbers are used to assure the seal that was originally applied is the same one that is on when the food arrives. This ensures nothing has been removed, and more importantly, nothing has been added that could potentially cause harm to passengers or the plane itself. Traditionally, catering carts only contained free-issue passenger food that the airline supplied as part of the standard fare. Now, most major airlines offer "buy-on-board" food and beverage as part of their business model. This makes the catering cart a critical component which requires a greater focus on security.





Buy on Board Food Solutions


"Buy-on-board" food, as mentioned before, is additional food items that are available for purchase during a flight. Unlike much of the free-issue food, many of these items need to be temperature controlled as well as secured. For this, TydenBrooks has custom developed an inflight thermal bag, which allows airlines to serve both warm and cold meals. These inflight thermal bags come standard with ice pack pockets and can also be used with dry ice. Our inflight thermal bags also fit with any carrier cart and can be custom sized to meet any airline requirements. Various colors are available for our inflight bags, and they can be marked with a company name and logo. To track the life span of the product being stored, these bags also include a date code. To provide security for the inflight thermal bags, we have our patented TydenClip chamber and TydenClip security seal. These TydenClip security solutions come standard with a serial number and can be barcoded as well. Serial numbers give each bag a unique identifier to ensure no tampering takes place.


Our ChillerAir bag is designed for the various beverages served during a flight such as soda, beer, and wine. The ChillerAir Bag is an innovative insulated bag that features a magnetic opening and closure; ice pack pockets on four sides with base pocket optional; and optional lid. Both the inflight thermal bag and the ChillerAir Bag exceed the required NATA Accredited Laboratory temperature tests and are European Union regulation no. 10/2011 and U.S. F.D.A. regulation 21 CFR compliant. These bags are the perfect security solution for the growing "buy-on-board" revenue streams many airlines are implementing.


Catering Cart Solutions


In addition to protecting the food and beverages, TydenBrooks plastic security seals also provide tamper-evidence solution for the catering carts themselves. Our two best solutions for securing catering carts are our tamper-evident adjustable plastic (HDPA) All-Seal and the easy-to-use 'single hand' locking padlock, the Swan Seal. The All-Seal is the industry leading adjustable plastic seal solution for catering carts with a patented removal tear-away feature which requires no tools or cutters. The All-Seal offers a nylon locking mechanism and is available in both 8" and 10" lengths and can be 1D, 2D, and QR laser barcoded. Similarly, the new generation flexible copolymer polypropylene padlock Swan Seal was specifically designed for securing in-flight aircraft carts and trolleys. The Swan Seal features an enhanced 'spring secure' locking mechanism for increased security and is unable to be tampered with by the "hot water" defeat attack. It also offers eight standard colors and can be 1D, 2D, and QR laser barcoded.


When higher security is needed, many airlines use our light-duty Quick Loc 1.0mm cable seal. When the plastic seal does not provide quite enough breaking strength, stepping up to the cable seal is a good option, for example on airline liquor carts. These cable seals can also be used to secure passenger boarding bridges when they are not in use, or to prevent intrusion from the airport operations area.


Ground and Inflight Security Solutions


As part of ground security for airport operations, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all aircraft that are not in service and are unattended to be secured in a tamper-proof manner. This procedure is known as RON (Remain on the Ground) and our KNR or KNDM non-residue VOID message security labels are applied to all return aircraft parked overnight or deemed not in service. These security tapes should be used on aircraft cabin doors that are for passenger and staff access.


Internally, for aircraft, the inflight security requirements include several different applications making for a successful multilayered security solution. The passenger service unit (PSU) is the aircraft component above each row of passenger seats that contains the oxygen masks as well as passenger life vests. The TydenBrooks custom-designed security seal, PSU-KDMN non-residue VOID message security label, is the only approved product for this application. This product went through a stringent testing process before being chosen for this critical panel design change. Also, in many aircraft, TydenBrooks security seals such as our PP-2 plastic padlock and our Life Vest Stowage; LVS security seal and life vest bag are utilized. The security solutions assure that safety features are protected and have not been tampered with; providing passenger and crew safety.


Securing the World's Airlines


When it comes to aviation and airline solutions, security and safety are of the utmost importance. Having a strong, multilayered security strategy will ensure all areas of your airline operations are protected; including the general public, which ultimately will safeguard your brand reputation. Whether you require an indicative plastic seal for catering carts; a security label for ground & inflight security; or a thermal bag solution for your buy-onboard offerings; TydenBrooks provides a high-quality product with the best visual tamper evidence as all our operations are ISO 9001 certified.


TydenBrooks prides itself on our experience and dedication to security and safety in the aviation industry. It is our goal to prevent theft and tampering while protecting your company and the public. Aviation is one of the most at-risk industries due to its complex supply chain operations, and airlines must take the necessary steps to ensure all facets of its operations are adequately secured. Allow us to work with you to address your specific needs and make sure you can rest easy knowing your airline supply chain is properly secured.


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