When shopping, visiting a hotel, or eating at a restaurant, you have no doubt seen employees wearing name badges. While used to identify employees, name badges serve many other purposes than just being identifiers. There are several reasons for companies to use name badges aside from identification, such as helping form and build customer/employee relationships and establishing brand identity. When these large companies need to order name badges, they need a reliable and reputable source that they can trust to represent their brand.


Historically, Stoffel was the company to turn to if you needed large volume name badges for anything from retail stores and restaurants to summer camps and nursing homes. With over 65 years of experience, Stoffel offered a wide variety of name badges in a multitude of shapes, colors, and styles. In October 2010, Stoffel merged with the global leader in security seals and solutions, TydenBrooks, and their name badge and brand ID services were added to the extensive catalog of products offered by TydenBrooks. Stoffel's name has become such a trusted one that is was kept in reference to their assortment of name badges and prestige products. Now a part of TydenBrooks, they remain the go-to badge company for volume-based name badge orders.


Types of Name Badges


TydenBrooks name badges have always been a volume-based manufacturer, meaning they serve companies that require large numbers of badges as opposed to those that only need a few name badges. They offer different styles and options, depending on the quantity required. Styles include the window name badge, classic name badge, full-color name badge, laminate name badge, and custom name badge. Below is a brief description of each type of badge:



Window:These name badges allow a name tag to be placed in the window which can be changed out, making them reusable.



Classic:These are plastic name badges that are molded plastic and can be personalized using a P-touch or Dymo tape machine.



Full-Color:These badges allow for greater customization when it comes to the visual style. These also come with the patented preferred pin and can also be ordered with Magnet and Bulldog clip attachments at an additional cost.



Laminate:These badges are vivid and full of color while being lightweight and long-lasting. They are protected from the elements, making them perfect for the restaurant business.



Custom:These badges are ideal for more complex design concepts. Create a unique and distinctive custom designed badge by working with our manufacturing processes.




Quantity of Name Badges


Quantity affects the types of badges available to you. Our lowest production quantity is 100 badges, and with this amount our window badge is available. This is a popular choice among smaller businesses that have only a few offices, or if there is frequent turn over since these badges are reusable. The next quantity break is 500 badges, and now along with the window badge, we can also offer our classic badge option. After this is 1000+ badges in which all of our badge options become available. Higher quantity also allows for more customization as these options become more available with our full-color, laminate, and custom badges.


Making a Badge Your Own


When it comes to our more customizable name badges companies can work with our customer service representative to choose the right badge type to meet their needs. Color, logo, shape, and other design elements will play a role in which badge type will work best in representing a brand. Some companies are very strict with their colors and logo and do not wish to make any changes, while others may allow for slight color changes or art simplifications if needed.


Color is a significant aspect for many companies, just think of Coca-Cola red, which is a specific, undisclosed hue of red that they use for their brand. Normally, we deal in specific standard foil colors for our classic and custom name badges where our laminate and full-color badges are made via digital printing with a four-color process and can be made with more specific colors.


Logos are often incorporated into name badges as they are brand identifiers. To make badges meet the customer's standards, we ask that they submit a vector art file so that our art department can create an artistic proof to send back to them to review. Sometimes our artists will need to make small changes to have a successful badge outcome. The art department can work with the customer service representative who can then advise the customer on any changes or suggestions. This way, the customer is sure to get a badge that represents their brand well.


What Sets TydenBrooks Badges Apart


There are aspects of our name badges that really set us apart from anyone else in the business. First of all is the 65+ years of experience Stoffel has in providing name badge and brand ID solutions, now added to the 146 years of experience TydenBrooks has with customer service and innovation. There are also unique qualities of our name badges that our competitors do not have. When the Stoffel molded name badge was first created, it was made with a unique pin attachment (Not on window or laminate styles). The pin base, the area that the pin will slide into during manufacture, is actually part of the plastic mold itself. This makes for a much sturdier build opposed to competitors' badges that have adhesive pins or magnets that will eventually wear off or lose adhesion.


Another aspect that really sets us apart is our custom badge capabilities. We can engineer and create unique molds allowing us to provide a customer with a totally unique name badge. This can allow for brand continuity with their company or simply be something fun and eye-catching for their patrons. We also offer more traditional name badges for companies that require a more straightforward design and look.


In addition to this level of customization, we also offer what we call PromoSnaps. These were developed to enhance and utilize the "real-estate" around the badge itself to highlight promotional messages such as sales, special offers, or holiday themes. The PromoSnap is a four-color laminate that comes in pre-determined shapes and sizes and "snaps" onto the back of the name badge. This gives the ability to switch them out with new promos as well as reusing them in the case of an annual holiday or reoccurring promo. The snapping attachment is only found on TydenBrooks badges making this truly unique. PromoSnaps add to the brand ID by combining brand recognition, employee identification, and promotional messaging. 



Name of the Game


Name badges do so much more than just identify employees, and TydenBrooks offers unique name badge and brand ID solutions to meet all of your needs. Strong relationships and brand recognition are essential for a successful business, and TydenBrooks name badges assist in both of these areas for your company. All of our name badge options work to represent your brand and set you apart from the competition. Whether you need a simple and sleek window badge or a colorful custom badge with PromoSnaps we can work with you to make sure you get a name badge you can be proud of.


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Jeremy Westcott is the Director of North American Sales and Marketing for TydenBrooks and has been with the company for 18 years. He has received many honors and awards for sales team excellence and performance, including 5-time President's Club Honors for Sales Excellence.