Tamper evident labels are everywhere, and you likely encounter them often in day to day life without realizing it. They are superb for situations in which you need a visual indicator to know if a product has been opened or modified in some way.  Whether you’re sending items to another business or individual, or producing items that will appear on store shelves, a tamper evident label is essential for indicating unauthorized interference.

Gas Pumps Protect Customers from Skimming

Gas station pumps need to have a tamper-evident label to ensure trust is established when a person is pumping gas. The Gas Pump Tamper-Evident Label is placed on fuel dispensers near the credit/debit card transaction area. If a “void” message or some other message appears in place of the tamper evident label, a person is able to instantly recognize that the product has been tampered with. Additionally, the labels clearly indicate they are being used to prevent tampering; assuring customers that their data is secure and discouraging criminals from credit card skimming.  TydenBrooks Security Products Group in partnership with NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) offers a line of Gas Pump Tamper Evident Labels to ensure that a customer is not subjected to skimming at the pump. 

Protecting Mail from Prying Eyes

Envelopes containing sensitive materials that are sent through the mail need a tamper evident self-voiding security label to demonstrate whether they have been opened prior to reaching the intended destination or recipient. The KL Tamper Evident Delaminating Label is a type of label that will permanently de-laminate when lifted leaving a void message on the application surface, clearly indicating the object has been tampered with.

For confidential packages that need to be secured, TydenBrooks also offers a security label that leaves a UV footprint, the KC and KNC Covert Tamper Evident Labels. The primary use is for product packaging so that the shipper knows that this exact label was affixed at the factory and, therefore, the goods within are authentic and not counterfeit. There is no residue and no visible signs of tampering, which enables a person to believe they have been able to open a folder without the intended persons knowing about it.

Protect Yourself from Unauthorized Tampering

High security tamper evident labels are cost effective solutions for all assets that need to be protected from unauthorized interception. Virtually any asset intended to be delivered to another person can use a destructible or tamper-evident label.

They are used when security is of the utmost importance. Software packaging, official documents, envelopes and packages sent through the mail can all benefit from a tamper evident label on them to provide a high level of confidence in the authenticity of the products.  The customer knows the goods they are getting are unaltered, read, or otherwise viewed by parties that were not intended to have access to the asset.

TydenBrooks supplies various types of tamper evident packaging, such as tamper evident labels and tamper evident tape. We offer self-voiding security labels and security tape such as the KL Delaminating Security Labels, which is an excellent visual deterrent to theft.  TydenBrooks’ also offers security tape that is TSA-CCSP compliant, such as the KTC Continuous Full Transfer Tape & theKTB Covert Full Transfer Tape, making it evident if your items have been tampered with.
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